Thursday, April 17, 2003

Good Friday

Good Friday in San Antonio can only mean one thing. The passion play.
A guy dresses like Jesus, gets some fake blood splashed on his stigmata spots, gets stuck to a huge cross and is carried/dragged along downtown streets, being insulted by ordinary citizens pretending to be a goon squad.
Not my idea of a good time, but hey, who am I to judge?
Next weeks starts Fiesta San Antonio
nine days of drunken reverie in events all over town. It's kind of like Mardi Gras only with margaritas instead of hurricanes.
I have experienced many drunken, bloated Fiesta adventures in my day but I have about had it with crowds, drunks, junk food and confetti in my hair.
Next weekend I am going to the beach with my girlfriend. Everyone will be up here at Fiesta, so it'll be nice and spacious.

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