Sunday, April 13, 2003

Sunday Bloggy Sunday

I'm all over the map this morning, with not much to say and plenty of time to say it.
Last night my companion and I went for coffee at my favorite little coffee house.
It was a beautiful, clear night so we sat outside and there across the courtyard was Congressman _____, nuzzling his extremely young, Monica Lewinsky-looking companion.
I happen to know from my reporting days that Congressman _____ has a bit of a problem with anger management, having assaulted his first two wives. I resisted the temptation to stroll over to their table and warn the naive young waif.
I spent the day yesterday in the company of two women and four children, aged 9 and under at a barbecue/pool party.
Because there was a pool and a Jacuzzi involved, it's fair to say I got splashed a lot and had my elderly eardrums assaulted with various high pitched screams that could shatter French jelly glassware.
The trick to winning kids over involves any variation of farting. I took two little tubs of this goo that makes farting noises when you stick your fingers in it. They loved it. Then I took a copy of, "Walter the Farting Dog," which also pleased the wet little wolverines.
I also brought some multi colored chalk shaped like Easter eggs.
Emma, the sweet 9-year-old and I set out to draw a beautiful spring flower assortment on the sidewalk. Her little brother Sean proceeded to ride his little vehicle over the floral display continually until we ended up chalking rude things about him on the sidewalk and quitting.
He later chased me around and called me a "big fat baby" and a "little weasely," which I think makes him a very good judge of character for a 6-year-old.
Also at the party was a border collie called Diego who swam constant circles in the pool, biting at the splashes until he conked out and ended up standing on the pool ledge, staring vacantly.
After that, I came home and took such a hard nap I couldn't hear the phone ringing.
No wonder moms have that same stare as Diego the swimming dog.

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