Saturday, May 31, 2003

Below the Rim: the WNBA Game

The Good: Our seats were fantastic. Sixth row, cushy chairs, right in front of the basket.
The Bad: Our 7'2" Polish center can't shoot, can't defend and apparently cannot understand when the point guard yells, "Margo, run over to where I am pointing, you idiot."

The Good: Lesbians as far as the eye could see.
The Bad: That ubiquitous lesbian haircut.

The Good: Point guard Jennifer Azzi's biceps, delts and triceps.
The Bad: The way my g/f was staring at Azzi's muscles.

The Good: My girlfriend's tight black T-shirt and blue jeans.
The Bad: No bad, she looked totally hot.

The Good: Being at the game.
The Bad: Losing the game.

We left a little early to beat the traffic.
Watching the WNBA is fun as long as you don't expect much of the players.

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