Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Muscle vs. Fat and so on

Yesterday was a very physical day for me.
Besides lots of shlepping and running around, I rode my new bike all over the place, then put 30 more minutes on my stationary bike during the last part of the NBA game.
I ate pretty light and drank lots of water.
So, I step on the scale this morning and I'm two pounds heavier. I am telling myself it's new muscle. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Yesterday I was in my driveway tinkering with my new bike.
Across my driveway live my neighbors, a very nice Jehovah's Witness couple and their two grown sons. They all seem very sweet and pious.
Well. While I was tinkering, the sons were home for lunch with some buddies of theirs. The parents were at work.
Oy vey, never have I heard such profanities coming from that house! Apparently the boys have strayed away from the Witness flock. I considered being a tattletale but then I realized it was none of my bidness.

My incoming e-mail has changed. What was once a cesspool of enlarge your penis and meet farm girls and their pets Spam is now a bunch of old fart mail about health and mortgages.
My snail mail was even worse yesterday. Seems AARP sent me an invitation to join. I think an evil friend must have squealed on me turning 50. AARP will have to wait, those geezer stalkers.

It's cloudy outside and it's supposed to hit the mid 90's today. That means humidity, which is far more loathsome than any other weather condition. This is the time of year when the snowbirds get to start snickering at us Southerners because of the heat.

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