Thursday, May 29, 2003

Start Your Search Engines!

The Shoe:
Women's Waterproof Blue Euro Dub Chukka Style #85309
Size 8
Cornflower blue leather.

The Timberland Shoe website has them for $100., plus shipping.
I simply have to beat that price.
For the contestant who can find a spot on the web where I can save at least $25 on that specific shoe, you'll win a swell prize such as a book, a new CD or an authentic vintage lesbian pulp fiction novel from my personal collection.
The shoe must be that exact brand, color and model number.*
I must be able to order the shoe in the right size for the contestant to qualify for the prize.
This is a swell chance to exercise that pesky obsessive compulsive disorder!
Ladies and Gentlemen: Start your engines!

* has the same shoe on sale in pink and purple, but these have to be blue.

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