Saturday, May 17, 2003

Continuing Music Battle

With the wretched sounds of Freddie Cannon still echoing in my head, the first thing I did this morning was order two new CDs from
One is "Beliza Tropical," the David Byrne compilation of popular Brazilian music, and the other is, "Luaka Bop 10th Anniversary: Zero Accidents on the Job," which is yet another compilation of David Byrne's, based on the catalog of his record label Luaka Bop.
Both are the kind of music that soften a frazzled brain while they breeze through the air.
I was telling la about a recording my late husband and I used to love back in the day.
It was Weather Report's "Heavy Weather." She went all over town to surprise me with a copy and it turned out to be a "super audio" version. Whatever that is requires a super audio CD player, which I do not have. I felt so bad for her, going to all that trouble.
Lately I've been chewing on Joni Mitchell's "For the Roses." It's a gorgeous CD with some great bittersweet songs about love, lost love, found love, etc.
Once again I'll pose my favorite question.
If you were stranded on a desert island and could choose only three CD's to play while you were there, which would they be?

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