Thursday, May 01, 2003

I Feel Eviscerated

Survivor is rigged.
Those imbeciles and lemmings voted off the brave, hardworking, earnest Cwisty.
Have they no sense? Have they no decency?
Why is Rob still allowed to breathe?
Are Heidi and Jenna Satan's gogo girls?
Are Butch and Matthew Rob's prison bitches?
When a man spits on his hand and shakes mine, his word is his bond.
I spit on the frightening Speedos worn by Rob the Snake.
And what's with Matthew's mom? Could she be any spookier? The acorn didn't fall far from THAT fuckin' tree.
Then to top it off, right after the show ended here comes Bush, doing one of his classic slow motion speeches.
Eviscerated, I tell you. That was my TV experience tonight.

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