Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Shoes Blues

My girlfriend doesn't like to get too many gifts. I tend to be a gift giver, so we've had to compromise...a lot. The latest compromise was that she wants just one gift when her birthday comes in July (as if).
I was already obsessing about what the one gift might be, so when she told me what she wanted I got all excited.
She saw on one of her students some powder blue suede Timberlands, and she wanted them.
Last night we drove all over hell and back looking for those shoes. All the little teenaged clerks knew exactly the shoes we were searching for, but there were none in stock.
I was crestfallen. Enter
I think I may have found them, now I have to wait for her to look at the site and tell me if those are the ones.
Never mind all that- has some incredible deals on casual shoes and sneakers. Look at the "final score" section.
See? When we try to do for others, the Universe rewards us with really good shoe deals.

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