Thursday, May 29, 2003

Walls, Calls and the WNBA

• The ceiling is done and it only cost me a few scrapes on my legs from the ladder.
Today, Sears beckons for wall paint and a new roller. None of this brush shit for the walls, it'll be roller all the way, babies.
• My friend and ex girlfriend (circa early 90's) Cris called me last night, giddy about her first date with Margaret the college professor. Cris is never giddy, she's a serious type who is never given to flights of fancy, but she was a regular Gidget last night.
The date sounded perfect for her. They both smoke, neither drinks and both are quiet types. Thank God they met. Cris needed some serious hoeing in her love garden.
• Meanwhile, some top drawer floor seats (6th row) for Friday's WNBA game came available, so I am taking my girlfriend.
We have a brand new WNBA team, the Silver Stars, who will be facing Minnesota. I know nothing of the roster, except we have a 7'2" center from Poland. My experience with women's basketball tells me she'll be clumsy and scared of the ball, but let's hope I am wrong.
I have been a harsh critic of women's pro basketball because they play below the rim and they jack up a lot of poorly selected shots, but maybe this game will be different.
Some of the roster are only 5'8".
I am that tall, so I could have been a WNBA pro! The only things I lack are stamina, coordination, poor shooting ability except for a nice hook shot three feet to the left of the hoop, a general disdain for playing team sports, and old age.
But I'm sure I have the right shoes, and that counts for something.
• Let's review.
Sears for paint
Lesbian gossip
Women's pro basketball
Damn, am I ever turning into a typical dyke. All I need now is a miniature Schnauzer, a travel trailer and a nylon windbreaker.

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