Monday, May 12, 2003


My former-ex-now-back-together girlfriend (la) has a sister whose kitty just had babies.
la's getting not one, but two of them. There are five in the litter.
She wants me to go with her to see them as infants.
It's a trick. She wants me to get a new baby for James to torture.
Bart, my older cat would probably like getting James off his back.
I love kittens. I love other people's kittens, like Tracy's at Kitty Central.
I love their little pink tummies and their tiny little triangle ears. I love their itty bitty needle claws and I love it when they get mad and puff up, like they think they are very scary.
I have two cats already. Two furry, layabout male cats who already get by with far too much.
I do not need another cat.
I do not need another cat.
All together, I do not need another cat.

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