Thursday, May 08, 2003


Well, I won't even hazard a guess this time. My once pristine picking record has been thoroughly shattered in the Amazon.
All the treachery, the double dealing, the lies, the superficiality, the duplicity, the nonsense, the hypocrisy- shit, it feels like I'm watching the Republican National Convention.
In an AOL poll, 77 percent said Cwisty didn't deserve to get voted off.
In the same poll, 37 percent picked Matthew to win, 29 percent picked Butch, 15 percent went with Rob, then 10 percent went for Jenna and 9 percent went for Heidi.
Matthew and Butch are the only ones with any dignity, so they'll probably get the ax.
The rest are devil spawn. Who knows which will be the final weasel?
Ach. I miss Cwisty.

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