Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Random Glances Around Blogland

Finally I had some time to read my Bloggy link friends' stuff. I'd hyperlink but I am too lazy. Just go click the names on the right if you're curious.

• Seems Blogland Lothario and overall nice guy wKen got hacked by some Brazilian cyber terrorists. They probably envy his perky all-American cocksmanship.
• Kitty Central is that damned Tracy's new Blog devoted to pics of the feral kittens she has in her basement. They are so cute, if someone sees their pics and doesn't melt they have psychological problems and need immediate therapy.
• Barcodie has gone a bit too far in dressing up his little cartoon Barcodie character. I don't think the little guy holding an M-16 adds to his otherwise suave and sophisticated caché. No sense gilding the lily, I say.
• I have two Blogger friends I'll call Smelly and Cracy who seem to constantly outdiva each other.
I feel like a chewtoy being yanked between their powerful, feline jaws. Bitches, you both get more hits than I do, so simmer down!
• Jodi over at Because I Say So is so damned funny I just love her Blog. I wish she'd allow for comments, but she's stubborn like that.
• Raven at Milk and Pepsi is a Dallas Mavs fan. I am a Spurs fan. The two teams are battling it out right now for the Western Conference title. Her team is fucking around with hacking fouls and other pissant attempts to disguise their overall inferiority.
There could be a war between us over this. Bet on me, I am bigger and I have her home address and phone number.
• My sweet new gayboyfriend Robert's Nash Villain Blog was blank when I tried to read it. That's just wrong. He sent me a photo. Damn, he's cute.

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