Monday, May 12, 2003

Survivor Amazon:
Jenna, I'll Be Damned!

The impossible has happened. Jenna won.
More on that later, because what's really the issue is this:
What in the hell was with Matthew and Jenna being all over each other at the end?
I can see a little pre-vote hand holding, and maybe a big hug for the winner, but did anyone catch their constant physical contact throughout the entire reunion show?
Melly and I both thought they were *doing it.*
Okay, now for the superficiality portion of this Blog.
Matthew cleans up nice! He was actually very handsome with a haircut and some decent clothes. And Jenna and Heidi both looked great. Now that Jenna has a million, she may not peel it off for Playboy or Hustler, but Heidi's gonna sell a lot of magazines.
As for Heidi, they said her IQ was among the top three in that whole group. She intentionally played that down. Apparently IQ isn't a major factor in the game.
But Jenna. Was that luck, or skill, or what?
Matthew should have chosen Rob to be his second banana. I think he would have gotten the votes had he done so. But like me, Matt probably thought Jenna would never make it.
I'm still no big Jenna fan, but as the youngest female in that crowd of jackals, I have to hand it to her for winning.
Melly took umbrage with my saying Jenna looked really pretty last night. Melly underestimates my shallowness.
After weeks of vitriol, it all boils down to my having to admit...the bitch was good.
But in my heart, Cwisty won.

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