Friday, May 30, 2003

The Spurs: Western Conference Champions!

After the Spurs scared me half to death last night in the third quarter with a horrible score differential, enter Steve Kerr in the fourth with quadruple threes from downtown and presto, Dallas was done. He played 12 minutes and scored 12 points, coming in ice cold from the far end of the bench. Yeow!
Now we have to face the New Jersey Nets in the finals.
Enter the dreaded wife beater Jason Kidd, whose face looks like he's been sniffing dirty cat litter.
The good news is, Kidd is a veteran of the Western Conference, where he was among several outstanding players. When he went to the watered down Eastern Conference, of course he was going to make the Nets look better, he's a giant fish in a smaller pond.
The Nets faced the Lakers last year in the finals and lost.
If the Spurs beat the Lakers in round two of the playoffs this season, does that mean they can beat the team the Lakers beat last season in the finals?
I think so.
The Spurs have no answer for Jason Kidd. Tony Parker is no Jason Kidd.
But we have Tim Duncan. Even when he's double teamed, we have enough perimeter talent to score when he's swamped.
If you like good, fundamental basketball with no ticky tacky fouls, no dramatic flopping, no dirty elbows or knees, and no hot dogging, no-look, behind the back, dipsy doodle bullshit grandstanding, watch these finals.

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