Sunday, May 18, 2003

Iron Chef and Some Trashy Heavy Metal

Last night the Iron Chef featured a codfish battle. Neither chef used much of the actual meat but they did get wiggy with the roe, stomach and heads of the fish.
When I saw the creme brulee using codfish roe, the thought of a dessert fish dish was too nauseating to ponder and we clicked it off.
The girlfriend and I met Cris (my long-ago ex girlfriend) last night for drinks and dinner.
After some slightly uncomfortable note comparing about moi, things went pretty well. Cris liked la and la thought Cris was sweet.
We went to a Greek place for dinner and la and I split an order of the most wonderful pastichio with a bechamel sort of browned meringue on top. I wish that stuff was low carb and low fat, I'd eat it every day.
Before dinner, la and I removed the world's heaviest window unit air conditioner from my dining room window. We had to use a dolly and muscle it out to the curb.
She, being from a rather upper crust neighborhood, expressed great doubt at my insistence that some scavenger would pick it up and haul it away.
My neighbors Andy, Leeza and Pete scurried over as we were dropping it at the curb and expressed the same doubts. Andy was clearly worried he'd have to look at the ancient pile of crap until I called the city and paid them to haul it off.
I just snickered.
I made up a sign that read, "FREE AC 18,000 btu's U HAUL" and taped it to the monstrosity.
We left for dinner at 6.
When we returned at 8:45, all that was left were deep scuff marks on my sidewalk from some poor bastard having to drag it off. They even kept the sign.
la was suitably astounded. I just chuckled.
Recycling is best when it's convenient, I say.

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