Sunday, May 25, 2003

Bloggy Dim Sum

• Of course no publisher wants an option on a book from NY Times liar Jayson Blair.
He's a clown. Let him go work at Fox News.
• Seen on the street on my bike ride: two dead birds, one dead squirrel, four broken beer bottles, one used condom.
• You should see the form I have to fill out in order to visit my political dissident friend in prison. It's a bureaucratic masterpiece. My favorite question is, "do you want to visit this person?"
• Melly and I may go to Barnes and Noble today so I can use up my gift certificates. I also got to delete eight books from my Amazon wish list because I already got them. My goal is not to get any more books that will help me argue with Barcodie.
• My girlfriend la's daughter apparently wants the black and white kitten. She wants to name him Oreo. The kid is thinking cookie, the mom is worried about being PC. I think the name Oreo for a black and white kitty is cute.

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