Monday, May 19, 2003

Loose Ends

I have too much to do.
Every time I accomplish one thing, it seems I uncover something else that needs doing.
I patched my ceiling cracks. Now I have to paint the ceiling.
Once I do that, the walls will need painting.
I moved out my huge air conditioner. Now the window frame needs sanding and painting.
I installed a new air conditioner in another window. Now I have to move my stereo components so that wall isn't so cramped.
I finish one story. My editor sends another assignment.
I once had a baby raccoon as a pet. They are very strange little animals. They take one step forward and two steps backward. It's a wonder they ever get anywhere.
What I need to do is stop feeling like that raccoon and get on my new bike and ride until my head is clear and my tasks are prioritized.
But, no.
Instead, I Blog.
Later, I will blog about last night's Six Feet Under. How a television show can drag the viewer wherever it wants and shake them silly is beyond my comprehension.

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