Thursday, May 08, 2003

It's all a Blur

I am not the going out to a mixer type.
The locale of last night's mixer was right next door to the Alamodome, where the Spurs used to play, but now they play at the SBC Center, further down the road. Game Two of the NBA playoffs was last night and the place was swamped with Spurs fans waiting to go to the game, mingled with a crowd of dykes.
The crowd was not my cuppa, for the most part. Mullets and pocket T-shirts don't quite get the job done for me. Cris, my ex from 10 years ago looked cute, otherwise all I saw was women who held no interest for me.
Nobody talked much about the Becky/Christie tragedy. Wrong crowd for that, they were A-list dykes and this was a decidedly C-list crowd.
Then Vicki walked in.
She's an old friend, a very cute, feisty lawyer who'd been hooked up for 14 years with a woman named Kim. Kim dumped her in February. Hmmm, I thought.
We ended up hanging out, considering buying some scalped Spurs tickets, then ended up at a little coffee house/restaurant splitting some chickeny pasta and a bottle of good Zinfandel. It was fun catching up with her and we caught a nice buzz.
When I got home, my recent former girlfriend called. She wants to get back together.
I said that sounded like a good idea.
Then Melly called, and we blathered until we were both talking gibberish and had to hang up. We're watching the Survivor grand finale together on Sunday night. That's all there is to it.
This week is turning out pretty damn good.

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