Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Six Feet Under

Director Kathy Bates must have skipped a few doses of Prempro before directing the very dark episode last Sunday.
Suddenly Ruth is behaving like a U-Haul lesbian, moving too fast with George, a man she hardly knows. All I can think of when I see George is the movie "Babe," where he played the farmer. Oh well, at least he's not Arthur.
That won't last. James Cromwell's too big a star to be a supporting cast member.
David tricked out on Keith. I normally disapprove of infidelity, but I think David needed to be with someone else to solidify his desire to leave that awful relationship. Keith is so grouchy now he's not even pretty to look at anymore.
Speaking of infidelity, how many of you thought Lisa would walk in on Nate banging that dead guy's daughter in their bed? And speaking of which, is it me or was that a far leap to think a man worried sick about his missing wife would be screwing some trailer trash chick in his own bed while his baby slept five feet away?
Okay, what's wrong with Federico's wife? She gives me acid indigestion with all that rapid cycling emotional debris. Hey Vanessa: shut up and snap out of it!
Claire's abortion was depressing. Hint: screwing a bisexual guy is a great time for using condoms. I mean, come on, Russell can't remember to wash his hair. Is that really the kind of guy a girl should ride bareback?
And that Lisa. I saw the sneak preview of the season finale and spied her face. With all this anticipation, she better at least give us the courtesy of being dead.
After that episode, I wanted to take a shower to rinse off all the lactic acid I secreted by cringing too much. Oy, Kathy Bates. Take it easy on us.

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