Friday, May 02, 2003

Blog Salad™

So many things to say with no cohesion whatsoever...
• I started reading "Pigs at the Trough" by Arianna Huffington last night. It's about CEO corporate greed, how politicians cover for these bastards* and why they are ruining our economy.
If you dislike the GOP and are leery of the latest breed of wussy Democrats, this is the one book you'll need to light the fuse. Huffington's writing is hilarious, so it's not like an economics 101 textbook. Please hurry and get it.
*CEO Martha Stewart was the only bitch mentioned.
• After reading another of my birthday books, "Tell me what to eat if I have diabetes" I was so freaked out about fiber I had an apple and oatmeal for dinner last night. My glucose level was 102 this morning- which is really good. Fiber is a very good thing. Go eat some today.
• This morning after my shower I donned a fresh white T-shirt from Ogunquit, Maine with little lobsters sewn in across the chest. I wondered why I'd never worn it much and now I recall. It has asbestos threads woven into the cotton and I feel like I am being itched to death. It's sort of a modern day hair shirt. I'd use it as a dust rag but I'm afraid it would abrade wood.
• I got the classic CD "For the Roses" by Joni Mitchell from my pal Carol. I'd forgotten what a masterpiece it was but listening to it again was like being transported to a cool, breezy spot. I think it's my favorite Joni Mitchell album.
• I am still smarting about last night's Survivor. There is no justice.
• Bush landing in a fighter jet on the deck of the USS Lincoln to announce the end of the war was a brilliant plan. Made him look sort of commander in chiefish, considering he was an AWOL reservist in his day. Still, the American public will forget all about it by election time and instead will notice that the economy is in ruins. May 43 meet the fate of 41 and be vanquished to his "ranch" in Crawford, and may his Residential Liberry be filled with all of his coloring books.
• What the fuck happened to Dennis Miller? I watched his special on HBO and he's totally pandering to the right wing and the GOP now. They needed someone with genuine wit and intelligence on their side, but I wish it wasn't him. Still, the King of Run-on Sentences was rather funny in some spots. He's definitely jumped the old fart shark, though.

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