Sunday, May 11, 2003

Sunday Afternoon

So many tales to tell before the big Spurs/Lakers game starts at 2.
While I was at the grocery store a few minutes ago, I spied a man who was wearing a "Lakers suck" T-shirt, and the "u" in suck was a big SPUR.
I complimented him, got his name and number and I plan to go buy one from him after I get through here. The perfect game apparel!
My recent ex-now-back-together-with-me girlfriend la brought her little kids over to my pad for a few minutes before she had to face mother's day at her spooky sister's house.
This was their first visit (boy 6, girl 9) and thank God my house is filled with all kinds of rocks and gemstones for them to wonder about. I gave them each a cool rock, and I avoided giving their mother the eye in her tank top and shorts I know she wore just to toy with me. So, that went well. I think the kids liked my pad, so they may be coming over soon for pizza and a video. I hope their mommy wears the same outfit.
At the grocery store, I wrote a $20 check for items totaling $7.50.
Then I either lost or forgot to get my change. Maybe it blew out of my pocket on the bike ride home. Maybe a fast dog bit it out of my shorts.
At any rate, I can lose hundreds at a casino, but let me lose $12.50 in change at a grocery store and I'll stew about it for years.
I am so excited about Survivor tonight. Seems so many people are into it.
Yesterday the bag carrier at the grocery store, a middle aged black man, and I talked about it like it was our kinfolk over there in the Amazon. I called the boob twins a couple of skinny white bitches and he threw back his head and laughed from the base of his belly. I just knew he was too polite to say it himself.
I read a recent TV study that broke down popular TV show rankings based on race.
Turns out Survivor made the top ten cut for blacks and whites.
I would love watching Survivor with my black friends because they talk back to the TV so fine. They take no shit, they observe everything and they act like the TV people can hear them.
And they use adjectives like crazy!
"Look at that lazy, no account, no wood gathering, manioc eating, no immunity getting, wide assed, shifty eyed fool."
And I'd just make my eyes big and say, "Mmm hmm."

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