Friday, May 02, 2003

A Blogger's Quiz

1. The yard needs mowing and watering. What do you do?
a) go mow and water it
b) hire a neighborhood kid to do both
c) Blog about it
2. It's already the second of the month and there are bills to pay. What do you do?
a) write out the checks and send them
b) go to the post office and get stamps
c) Blog about it
3. It's time for lunch. What do you do?
a) make a nutritious meal
b) go out for a nice salad and some whole grain toast
c) Blog about it
4. You need exercise and fresh air to feel healthy. What do you do?
a) go ride your bike around for 30 minutes or so
b) walk to the store to pick up some healthy lunch items
c) Blog about it
5. You have a paycheck that needs depositing. What do you do?
a) go to the bank and make the deposit
b) pay bills, make the deposit, go to the post office to buy stamps and mail the bills
c) Blog about it
6. It's Friday afternoon and you have the evening free. What do you do?
a) make plans with a good friend to do something
b) beg the woman who dumped you to come over and have sex with you
c) Blog about it
7. You have hundreds of dollars worth of gift certificates for Borders, Barnes & Nobel's and Best Buy. What do you do?
a) go shopping
b) go to to get some ideas
c) Blog about it
8. You are leaving town tomorrow to visit your family. What do you do?
a) pack and start to get ready
b) gas up the car and wash it
c) Blog about it
9. It's getting hot in your office. What do you do?
a) turn on the air conditioner
b) change into cooler clothes
c) Blog about it
10. You feel guilty about being on the computer wasting time. What do you do?
a) log off and get something done
b) check your Blog for new comments
c) Blog about it

If you answered c to every question, you are a fascinating person who's willing to share her vitality with others all around the world.

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