Thursday, March 13, 2003

Are the Easy, Breezy Days Gone?

All I seem to think about to Blog these days is that damn war wetdream the Lil' Cowboy and his buckaroos are having.
The rest of my life is going well. I have good health, an ongoing weight loss, plenty of exercise and a happy personal life.
Six Feet Under and Survivor sustain my televisionary cravings. I have potted some nice herb plants, flowers are blooming in town and I have new sheets and new books to read.
Still, thoughts of war are clouding my otherwise simple and orderly life.
Friends and family call me. They want a reaction to the Iraq situation, knowing I'll start to sputter like Donald Duck when he's pissed off and give them some good shtick on the topic.
I saw on the news some SoCal gas station is charging $3.75 for regular unleaded. I eye my Exxon/Mobil card in my wallet and keep forgetting to cut it in half and mail it back to those Condaleeza Rice lovin' bastards.
Bush has given the UN a Friday deadline to vote on the resolution Britain refashioned. You know, the one where Saddam has to go on TV and cop to being a fat fucking liar. News reports say Bush has been frantically trying to gain support. God knows what kind of taxpayer money he's waving in front of the faces of the undecided. A guy who squandered all of his investors' money in his failed oil bidness isn't going to think twice about some high stakes bribery to get his way.
There has to be a way to distance my brain from this daily onslaught of war news, yet I feel like I have to keep informed so I am able to write about the depths of absurdity to which Bush and his cohorts are plummeting.
My sister is having a St. Patrick's Day dinner on Friday. Corned beef, cabbage, Harp beer and Irish whisky. Of the four featured items, the cabbage is my only real option. Swell.
Oh well, at least there will be no gas shortage in San Antonio THAT night.

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