Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Sobriety- ehh.

I stopped drinking several weeks ago. Alcohol toyed with my glucose levels too much and made me all swollen the next day.
As I saw the Resident's entrance on TV last night, I was at my sister's St. Patrick's Day cocktail party. Several of us watched as he appeared on the screen. Then we all groaned and turned it off. Nobody wanted to hear the cliches or other assorted claptrap.
Afterwards, I belted down two shots of Jamison's Irish whisky and had half a Harp beer.
Screw glucose, sometimes a woman just needs a few belts of whisky and a beer chaser.
So, Saddam has 48 hours to ride outta town. Sheriff Bush is a comin.'
Wouldn't it be great if Saddam and his boys did leave Iraq? You think Bush would direct the troops to turn tail and come home? Please.
Bush is hungry for a war. Saddam could convert to Catholicism and join a monastery Tuesday morning and it wouldn't make a difference. Nothing would.

I wish I'd brought that bottle home with me.

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