Thursday, March 13, 2003

Heidi Heidi... Ho!

Oh my God. Heidi sided with the boys.
Yep folks, after a tribe shuffle, Heidi, Jeanne and Christy ended up over at Tampaxi with Roger, Butch and Dave.
The Jabberjaws Tribe, now called HeteroSquirt, has all the horny guys mixed in with the two remaining "cute girls" Shawna and Jenna, the skin and bones Pittsburgh swimsuit model.
Costarring as Jane Hathaway is Deanna, who is totally left out of the lively estrogen n' testosterone reindeer games because Real Men don't notice dykes.
Shawna, who was suffering from an unspecified malaise before the tribe switch, came to life when she locked eyes on Alex. Now she's all smiles and oozing sunshine, lollipops and rainblows. Poor Alex should have brought Penicillin as his luxury item.
Meanwhile, 8-ball dork Rob is saying things like, "Uhhm, I haven't shown them my throbbing member yet, but if they get naked I plan to aim my laser at them."
Get yourself a clue, dweeb.
He held the immunity idol to his crotch like a giant phallus after they won it. Sickening.
Back to that bitch Heidi.
At Tampaxi, the girls decided to vote off Butch. Dave cornered Heidi and told her she was the men's choice for top bitch, she fell for it and voted against Jeanne, only she spelled it "Gene."
In the early scenes, Heidi was wearing Coke bottle lens glasses and sporting a fresh spattering of big red facial zits. Finally, she looked on the outside what she looks like on the inside.
I like the Tampaxi tribe now. The men treated Christy very respectfully and cranked up the lantern at night so she could read their lips. Hats off to them. Too bad they let their eyes be their guide and dumped Jeanne instead of Heidi. She cannot be trusted. Her word is no good. The men should have brought KY Jelly as their luxury item, because Heidi's gonna shtup them good. Feh!

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