Tuesday, March 25, 2003

How to Create a Hawk

I was pondering what exactly Iraqi military leaders could do that would be so reprehensible that even those of us against the war would have to take a stand.
The Geneva Convention was one of several agreements about fair treatment of POW's and the sick, wounded and dead in battle.
First made in Geneva, Switzerland in 1864, the agreement was subsequently accepted in later revisions by most nations of the world. I believe my country honors the Geneva Convention, and always has.
Iraq does not observe the tenets of the Geneva Convention.
They should.

1. Trotting out prisoners of war and the corpses of dead American soldiers for an Iraqi TV audience's viewing pleasure was an atrocity. Strike one.
2. Using women and children to shield military fighters is cowardly and weak. Staging fake surrenders and attacking those who stand to receive them is despicable. Strike two.
3. Using chemical weapons against our troops, whom I believe are trying hard to minimize civilian casualties, could very well be strike three.
If more than, say, 100 allied personnel succumb to chemical poisoning at the hands of the Iraqis, it will be very difficult not to defend whatever measures the allied forces must take to repel this final atrocity.

I hate war. I especially hate this war.
However, if Iraq continues to fight like cowards and renegades against the Geneva Convention, then adds chemical warfare to the mix, our military may have to take off the gloves, and it would be hard to blame them.
Pray the Iraqis keep their chemical weapons capped.
Otherwise, God help them.

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