Friday, March 14, 2003

Why Bother?

All this banter about U.N. resolutions and deadline extensions given to Iraq for final disarmament is a waste of time.
With a quarter million troops in the region and Bush making up silly new terms like "a coalition of the willing," who is he trying to kid?
Bush plans to meet with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar this weekend in the Azores Islands. Why bother?
Bush doesn't listen to world opinion and his followers have been brainwashed into thinking any opposition to this war is just un-American.
Easy outs like, "Oh, you just hate Bush" are far too easy to take for those who back his extremist war plans.
Like it or not, we Americans have to eventually realize we are global citizens.
The arrogance and all the chest beating have cast us as villains in the world theater. For us to emerge as war mongering villains against the likes of maniac tyrants like Saddam is an embarrassment.
The horrors of 9/11 had world opinion squarely in our corner.
Bush and his cronies have managed to let that slip away, which to me is abundant proof that his lack of diplomacy and his inability to grasp the need for garnering and maintaining strong international support has cast all Americans in a dim global light.
He's bringing us down, and the lemmings who are allowing it will share in the shame of his actions once the dust settles.
I love my country but the actions of the current regime are indefensible.
We are going to war, my friends.
God help us all.

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