Saturday, March 22, 2003

Shock and Awe, Dude.

I haven't been watching much news coverage of the war.
I have tried, but CNN and the rest of the media are trying so hard to fill every nanosecond with "news," all I seem to get when I tune in is someone I don't know talking about something that tells me nothing.
From what I have gleaned, Saddam may or may not have used a body double to make his first night of the war speech. Didn't look at all like him to me. Whatever. The guy's an asshole and the speech was gibberish, so I didn't care who it was.
Then I heard about something called "shock and awe" which, from what I gather, is some kind of huge bombing assault designed (and named) to give all the American hawks big erections.
I also heard many Iraqi soldiers were surrendering, which I think was probably wise for them. Then I heard rebuilding what we destroyed will cost the U.S. about $20 billion a year to redo Iraq in our image. How are we planning to pay for that? Talk about shock and awe.
I wish they'd spend $20 billion a year on our American school children and the American infrastructure and quit trying to shock and awe everyone in the world with our weapons of mass destruction.
Last night I spent the evening with some new friends.
One was a woman who's about to report to prison for stepping over the line on a military base, protesting the American military training combatants and terrorists for Central American countries.
She's a 45-year-old accountant, and was busted with a bunch of other malcontents like American nuns and priests. Six months in a federal prison for setting a toe on military property.
Seems to me if the Americans are still training Al Qaida-like terrorists for other countries, we shouldn't be surprised if they one day turn on us when their puppet leaders stop doing our bidding.
Sound familiar?
It is. Who do people think helped ease Saddam Hussein into office? Who do they think trained the early Al Qaidas? Duh.
Anyway, all the warmongers are peppy and smiling this week.
I hope those same clowns don't bitch when our economy flatlines.
And when we get attacked again, I hope they aren't stupid enough to think we need to go shock and awe some new pissed-off country.
Fucking jerks.

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