Monday, March 24, 2003

Be a Soldier, Come Back to Diminished Veteran Rights

It seems to me that Bush and his GOP majority Senate and Congress are showing some colossal hypocrisy trying to slash the Department of Veterans Affairs budget at the same time they have committed our military service members to a war.
Wake up, people!
You want to support the military? Support the care and treatment of the returning veteran. Don't slash the budget, increase it to accommodate those who have served, are serving and will serve.
The money Bush is allegedly committing to restoring Iraq after we bomb it out ($20 billion annually) should be spent ensuring our veterans get what was promised to them when they enlisted.
Not one hawk will comment on the truth in the government's plans to screw the veterans. Not one hawk will agree that the chicken shit tax rebate Bush gave us years ago should have been allocated to the men and women who served their country.
Fact is, the VA hospitals in large metropolitan cities all over America now have a ONE YEAR WAITING LIST to be seen by a VA primary care physician.
Attempting to slash the VA's budget even more during this era is but one more example of the gross incompetence, the overt negligence and the colossal arrogance of this administration and the GOP legislators who support it.
If you support Bush, you are supporting his blatant disrespect for veterans.
It's a disgrace, and ignoring it is simply Unamerican.

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