Saturday, March 01, 2003

Bloggy Saturday

It's foggy here today, which coincides nicely with my brain functioning.
Here's what I am avoiding today: bill paying, grocery shopping, laundry and litter box changing. Of the four, grocery shopping seems the least odious.
I saw "Kissing Jessica Stein" last night on video. Some women require a bit too much patience to bed down. That's all I'm saying.
I have to find the perfect socks for tonight. I am going out for Japanese food and they require shoelessness for tatami mat dining.
I have finally broken the three week plateau I was straddling and lost two more pounds this week. A greasy lunch at Dead Lobster this week convinced me I was inching back toward devil may care eating and shocked me back into grain, green veggie and protein world.
Yesterday I was so good. Eggs, boiled shrimp and high grain cereal made me feel lithe and loose as a racehorse (Clydesdales do race, don't they?). Then late last night I splurged on a banana and four Stoned Wheat crackers and awakened with a 121 glucose count.
My glucose meter keeps two and four week averages, and I just hate it when a high count fucks up my numbers.
My doctor loves to scroll the daily numbers and question me. "Hmm, on the afternoon of February 19 you hit 157, so what happened that afternoon?"
I can't remember what happened YESTERDAY afternoon, so I love to make up shit for him. "Uhh...lemme see, February 19, that was a Wednesday so that would be the soba noodles and shrimp bowl for lunch, followed by a nap."
He rubs his chin and takes a dramatic pause, meaning, "Well, you slothful, free-grazing cow, you better move those hamhocks of yours after a high carbie lunch, hmm?"
Skinny bastard.

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