Monday, March 10, 2003

A Quiz for the Prez

1. Iran is developing nuclear weapons and so is North Korea. Which is the biggest threat?
a) Iran
b) North Korea
c) Iraq

2. When hostile countries developing nuclear weapons is becoming an alarming scenario in the world, what's the best course of action to take?
a) Diplomacy
b) Sanctions
c) Bomb Iraq

3. Some of Bin Laden's confederates have been apprehended and have apparently been hinting as to his whereabouts. What should the U.S. do?
a) Pull out all the stops to find him.
b) Drop leaflets all along his suspected hiding places, reiterating the $25 million reward.
c) Concentrate on killing Saddam, in case he one day *might* fund Al Qaida and form an alliance with Bin Laden.

4. Hitler killed hundreds of thousands of Jews and caused a world war. Bin Laden led a team of terrorists in an attack on America, killing 3,000 and leveling a famous landmark and damaging the Pentagon, the seat of American defense. Which man was worse?
a) Hitler. He was a mass murderer and a racist maniac.
b) Bin Laden. He started a chain reaction of hatred.
c) Saddam Hussein. He's very mean to his own people and may someday make nuclear weapons that could be very, very bad.

If you answered a) to most of these questions, you have an understanding of current and historical events and could be a good leader.
If you answered b) to most of these questions you are proactive and willing to make the tough decisions required of a leader.
If you answered c) to most of these questions, you are the president, and that's why so many people think you are a dangerous nitwit.

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