Monday, March 10, 2003

One Trick Pony

Well, the bright side is, no way is George W. Bush going to get reelected. I welcome dissenting opinions here so I can be sure to rub it in their faces when he's thrown out of office in 2004.
War time presidents are rarely reelected, especially ones who ruin the economy and jam up the country with all this dissension because of his extremist solutions.
The Democrats out there right now are like this era's heavyweight boxers, a batch of pretty weak contenders. Still, I think even an Al and Al (Gore and Sharpton) ticket would be able to beat Dubya by the time he's done running the country into the ground.
But seriously, so far I like Democrat candidate John Kerry from Massachusetts.
Unlike Clinton and Bush, he knows something about being in the military (three purple hearts) and may not be so eager to send troops into dangerous situations willy nilly.
He also knows something about legislating, which would help a president negotiate with the Senate and Congress.
All I can say is, those of us who are sick of Bush ought to start planning which candidate to support and start spreading the word.
Bush is going to do what he wants, regardless of American or global opinion and we're going to have to foot the bill and mop up after him whether we like it or not.
We need to replace this one trick pony with someone who can handle rebuilding a country left in economic ruin, and who has some basic dignity and common sense.
I am so sick of Bush he makes my jaw muscles clench. Watching him sleepwalk through his press conference last week while the White House Press Corps lobbed him easy questions underhanded was a waste of time.
Listening to him bullshit about spending billions of our dollars attacking Iraq is tiresome.
The only bright side of his abysmal presidential term is anticipating brighter days ahead when he's tossed out of office.
I can't wait till this trainwreck is over.

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