Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Blogger Gazette

In Blognews, welcome back my Texas homegirl Raven of Milk and Pepsi Hits the Spot.
Her last bloglink didn't work on my site but this one does. Her observations and comments often crack me up.
Some blogs I link end up trying to load themselves on my harddrive so I have to set them free. I have recently deleted some that do that, but it's no reflection on the Blogger.

My old pal Barcodie, curmudgeon, warmonger and gun fondler at BarCodeKing is ecstatic today because he found a link that he thinks debunks my claim that the VA was having their already strangled budget cut.
I got my initial news from NPR (hard to link the radio) and found a suitable report that said as much at the Disabled American Veterans site.
Barcodie was so pleased with himself for finding a link that he thinks verifies his claims, he missed the big picture, which was (a) the VA is grossly underfunded and totally unprepared to accommodate a new wave of disabled vets and (b) Members of Congress, (mostly GOP) were trying to slash the VA's budget even more.
Getting bogged down in minutiae is classic Barcodie, which is why I love him so.
He also delivered a stern reminder that all opinions must be accommodated by a link.
I just laughed.
First of all, I don't need a link to express or formulate an opinion. Often I postulate based on things I hear from National Public Radio, the BBC news and articles from credible, mainstream publications, but that doesn't mean I have formulated an opinion based on just one source.
This is a Blog, not a news service. I can always cite my references but this Blog is not a paid journalism assignment and Barcodie is sure as hell not a newspaper editor, nor is he the arbitrator of which link can beat up the other link.
Drop on over to his site and get plenty of material filled with right wing rhetoric, the Bush party line, and some incredibly verbose Blogs other people of his ilk wrote. Oh and he posts cartoons, too. His latest one is all about me.
I think he loves me.

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