Saturday, March 15, 2003

AT&T: An exercise in frustration

About ten days ago I switched phone services to AT&T from SBC.
On Friday, March 7 I called them and asked for Voicemail, thinking that it was included in the base cost and finding it was not.

Friday morning, at AT&T:
KZ: I need voicemail. I didn't realize it didn't come with the package I ordered.
Clerk: Oh well, we can't get that for you today ma'am but we can on Monday.
KZ: Why not today? It's early morning, can't it be done in one day?
Clerk: No, we need one business day to do that.
KZ: No work on weekends?
Clerk: No, Customer service is closed on weekends.

Tuesday morning.
KZ: Where's the voicemail I was promised on Monday?
New Clerk: We have a minimum 5 day work week for voicemail.
KZ: That's not what the last person said.
NC: They were wrong.
KZ: I need voicemail now, not on Thursday.
NC: I can't help speed it up for you ma'am.
KZ: May I please talk to your supervisor?
NC: He's not here would you like his voicemail?
KZ: NO I'd like MY voicemail. I don't want to talk to another AT&T machine I need a human who can fix this.
NC: He wouldn't be able to get you service any faster ma'am.

Thursday. I appear to have voicemail, because when I call the 11 digit number and enter my 6 digit pin, I am prompted to record my message and change my pin to one I like.
It's about fucking time.

KZ: Hello?
Friend: Why don't you buy a phone message machine?
KZ: I have voicemail.
Friend: No you don't.
KZ: Yes I do.
Friend: No you don't, I called this morning and the phone rang 40 times. Then I called later and got a busy signal.
KZ: *&^*^%*!!

I hate AT&T. I hate inefficiency by huge corporations. I hate unkept promises and double-talk. I hate having to listen to 6 menus before I get a human to talk to.
AAT&T has until Monday to get this fixed or I am leaving them and going back to SBC,

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