Sunday, March 09, 2003

Outdoorsy Zipdrive

Gorgeous weekend weather in San Antonio, enough to actually make me go outside several times. I went to a nursery and got a mess of herbs to plant. I usually plant flowers in my flower pots on my front porch, but this year I am going mostly for edibles.
I planted spearmint, oregano, basil, cilantro and a miniature red rose bush.
A friend has a huge hot tub, so we stewed for a few hours last night. I was relaxed and totally serene afterwards, until I climbed out. Upon that effort, I clonked the side of my inner calf on a door or something and got an egg shaped bruise the size of Rhode Island.
So much for serene relaxation.
My neighbors were gardening today, too.
It was dueling stereos outdoors this afternoon, and I like to think I won.
Andy across the street was blasting country music. Another guy a few houses up was blasting Tejano. I selected the 2003 Grammy nominees CD and amped it up. The cat's fur was spiked, it was so loud.
For once, I liked the rap and Eminem nominees. They drowned out George Strait and that funky Tejano accordion music, and all the skateboarder kids on the block think I am cool.
When I came in, I turned that shit off.
The cats were pleased.

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