Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Na na na na...hey hey hey...good-bye

This episode of Survivor was simply sublime!
Oooh, that nasty Roger and his bossy he-man self. Did he get the big boot or what?
His old school male superiority and micromanaging shows how much younger men have evolved in today's society. When Christy wanted to help lay the logs of the shelter floor and he told her to get palm fronds like a good little girl, I knew he had screwed himself.
When did dorky 8-ball Rob get so funny? That Casey Kasem send off he gave Roger was hysterical. And who can forget after Roger jumped off the perch into the water when Rob said, "Nice jump, Roger," dripping with upstate New York sarcasm.
Rob is one of the girls now. He thinks he's going to be The Man once he's gotten rid of the real men, but Deena is the Man. More on her later.
And Christy, well, tonight nailed it, I love her. She's tough and cool and when she admitted she had sex outside by the Washington Memorial during a 4th of July fireworks show, worked for me.
As for Deena, she is looking mighty good these days (for a butch) and I loved how she maneuvered that immunity challenge. I can honestly say she won me over tonight. She's slicker than greased owl shit.
As for Jenna and Heidi getting naked for peanut butter and cookies, well that was absurd. First of all, Jenna was the one who suggested it. She and Heidi got naked for snacks?? Can you spell narcissistic exhibitionism? Oy, what must their mothers think?
(cue up spooky music)
Did anyone see in the previews where Matthew seems to have slipped into a dissociative trance of some sort? He was totally Christopher Walken in the Deerhunter. I dunno- that seemed so obvious I somehow doubt he'll get the boot next week. Crazy is no threat, not after it's everyone for themselves.
My picking record this time is awful. Still, I think Deena and Christy are looking good for the final four.

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