Thursday, March 13, 2003

The Dixie Chicks: the First Amendment Lives!
(But Not in Texas)

Dixie Chicks member Natalie Maines and her sidekicks are a world of trouble in San Antonio tonight.
Well, at least on country music radio station KJ97 they are.
Seems the Chicks are on tour in Europe and Natalie stepped up to the mic and said she apologized for Dubya and was ashamed he claimed Texas as him home.
Now KJ97 is boycotting playing Dixie Chick records. Rednecks called in all evening, suggesting everything from public stoning to canceling their June concert, which is probably already sold out by now.
Yep, just like Nazis and Commies used to do, if you're a musician and you don't toe the party line and back the prez, you get banned from the air on KJ97.
Well, I still have a First Amendment right to free speech, so let me give the Nazis at KJ97 an official Pulp Friction Fuck you.
I have a nodding acquaintance with Dixie Chicks music, and while I have none of their CD's in my collection, that situation is about to change.
Those rednecks at KJ97 need to go back to their GED study guides and read up on the amendments to the U.S. Constitution. They just need to review the first one, so they needn't worry about chapping their lips from too much reading.
Seems to me if they can accept the constitutional right to bear arms with such delight, allowing for a little free speech shouldn't hurt them.

So, hats off to the Dixie Chicks.
Let's buy some of their CDs and give them out as gifts!

P.S. Bush was neither born nor educated in Texas. He just uses the Texas image to bolster his little Connecticut roots.

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