Sunday, March 23, 2003

Weekend War Update
CNN: Land of the embedded reporter.

Announcer: We have reports from our embedded reporters, located all over places in or near Iraq you've probably never heard of but will no doubt become familiar with as this war continues. First up is Jane Smithers. Jane?
Jane: Uhh, right Peter, I am at Yasser Mes Nommah and looking out over some sand and brush. In the distance you may or may not see some smoke.
Announcer: Smoke? Is that oil smoke or bomb smoke?
Jane: Hard to tell, Peter, I am about 150 miles south of the smoke.
Announcer: Thanks for that report Jane, now on to Bill in Kuwait City.
Bill: We were really shocked to hear an American soldier turned on his own men and lobbed 4 grenades into their tents.
Announcer: Who was this man and why did he do it?
Bill: Really hard to say, Peter. It's just really hard to say.
Announcer: Okay, thanks Bill, now on to Kira on the USS Lincoln: Kira can you hear me? Kira?
Kira: Yeah, Peter, I can hear you.
Announcer: What can you tell me from aboard the Lincoln?
Kira: Well I can't say much, being on a Naval destroyer and all, but I can say we are waging a way from the Gulf and the sailors here are on heavy alert.
Announcer: How's the mood there, Kira?
Kira: Well I can say everyone seems awake and alert, except for the people who are sleeping, but then it's their turn to sleep. I am sure if they are needed they'll be awakened but for now they get to sleep.
Announcer: Excellent, Kira, now on to Leon at CNN. Leon, can you fill us in on the latest from your end?
Leon: Seems the Iraqis are using women and children as human shields to cover their ground troops.
Announcer: Has that been confirmed?
Leon: Well that's hard to say. I mean we have heard it, but then we have not confirmed it so we can't really go with it unless it's confirmed.
Announcer: Well we'd better not discuss it then because we don't want to give too much away. Thanks, Leon.
Announcer: And that's this hour of up-to-the-minute, exclusive war coverage, brought to you by the ultimate word in war news, CNN.

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