Thursday, March 20, 2003

Can We Keep the Beef?

Hoo boy, that rip the meat chunks off the carcasses was a swell immunity challenge. I like how Heidi was biting hunks of meet off Butch's lips. He must have some serious floss needs by now. Heidi is starting to look like a POW, all ribs and eyes.
Well. Christy has captured the hearts of the geezers, plus she faced her rival Jenna on the revolving log and kicked her ass, twice. Sweet justice. Heidi is jealous of her now. Wahhh. That'll teach her.
To see Shawna booted off was just wonderful. Poor Alex, he was poised to poke her and she left. And is it me or does Deena look kind of hot now that she's lost some of that sitting at a desk bulk? She's like Helen, bad conditions make her look better.
Thank God we got to see the whole show without interruption.
I watched CNN until midnight last night. Ugh.

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