Wednesday, March 26, 2003

The Hidden Diary of Pu-Say Hussein
(Saddam's unusual daughter)

yes, i am here, a princess in a palace and daughter of a world leader may allah praise his name father, and yet i have a dire secret only i share with diary lest i be smited by my father may allah grant him eternal potency without need for little blue pills he must take.
though i dress in traditional iraqi woman garb, beneath my gown is a pair of levi 501's, joe boxer briefs and a softy pack.
yes, i am Pu-Say Hussein may that surname be blessed by allah and yes, i am packing a false manhood, fashioned from the finest in silicone and purchased covertly from a mail order shop in san francisco in the nation of satan.
what is more, when the chambermaid fatima comes to tend to me in the nighttime i switch to a longer, firmer unit the evil american catalog calls a rough rider and praise allah it is rough and i do ride her and dear fatima ululates at the very sight of it.
my brothers qussay, oday and ooglay allah praise their names may get all the attention from the world because they are males but in the palace i am the muslim kd lang and the beautiful servant girls line up to ride my nobel, bucking silicon steed may allah be praised.
father may allah bestow his richest blessings upon him is too caught up in hiding from the missiles of war and my brothers may allah pat their heads are too busy in the palace basement getting medieval with some evil american war criminals so i am free to bestow my saddamistic charms on the palace ladies who come to me, heavy with horn.
yes it is a secret skill i have yet i cannot share my throbbing, moist secret with anyone outside the palace lest i be how you say outed and then father may allah grant him a full head of dark hair for all eternity would be compared to the evil satanic messenger boy of doom dick cheney who also has a daughter with whom fate smited with a similarly delightful yet demonic perversion may allah turn his head and pretend not to notice.
what ever shall I do? I long for variety from the palace servant girls yet i dare not venture out in public seeking a tall blonde who can suck a persimmon through a soda straw or maybe a nice jewish girl with a large bouncing rack.
more to come. fatima is soon to come to bathe me.

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