Sunday, March 02, 2003

Blog Salad™

One tiny porcelain bottle of sake last night and I woke up with a big swollen pumpkin face. Having avoided alcohol since earlier last month when I had two beers with Indian food, my body is now openly rebelling against it.
It may be coincidental, but I also awakened with Don King hair. I am going to seriously consider giving up alcohol. After giving up chocolate, booze will be a snap to forego.
We grazed on sashimi and appetizers last night. Turned out the best part was the edimame (steamed soy beans). Who'd have thought soy beans could be the highlight of a meal? Just goes to show you how far I've fallen on the culinary ladder.
I watched the Grammys last week and was sad to discover how truly out of it I am. I remedied that by buying the 2003 Grammy Nominees CD, with a sampling of music I don't know from Adam. Some of the music was really great. Some was thoroughly annoying. Eminem was on the CD with a song called, "Without Me." I regret to say, the song was really good and the lyrics were very witty. So that's his deal, eh?
I finally got the Norah Jones CD, too. She may have been born in Brooklyn, but her musical education at North Texas State University gave her a very nice Texas twang. Ha! Just goes to show you, even a half-Indian girl from Brooklyn can succumb to the charms of Texas and channel it into her art.
It's 51º and cloudy this morning. Great bill paying weather, since I managed to skip that yesterday. Today will just be marking time until tonight when "Six Feet Under" makes its season debut at 8 p.m. central. Thank God, with Survivor and Six Feet Under back on TV, my life can resume some semblance of order.
I am a little scared to see what Brenda will be up to this season. She's such a headcase, watching her is like chewing aluminum foil. I have dated women like her and it's like taking a good drug with really bad side effects. Yikes.

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