Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Freedom Fries, Freedom Toast

Jeeze, a Republican Senator or Congressman (whatever) has persuaded the House or Senate (whatever) cafeteria to rename French fries and French toast "Freedom fries" and "Freedom toast."
I guess afterwards he'll go home to his wife, give her a big Freedom kiss and slip on a Freedom tickler and do to her what he thinks France has done to us.
I find this whole newsbit insulting. Life or death issues are facing the legislature and this clown is all het up over what to call menu items.

I am still against the war, but I am not above being pissed off at that liar Saddam.
First he said Iraq didn't have any weapons that would qualify as violations of the UN disarmament terms. Now Saddam has spent the last few weeks scrambling around destroying a mess of weapons he lied about having.
Hard to believe he's going to destroy everything he said he didn't have. Once a liar, always a liar.
Still that doesn't mean we should invade Iraq and kill thousands of innocent civilians. What it means is we should offer $50 million cash, military escorted safe passage and political asylum to any individual who puts a bullet in Saddam's skull. The shooter's family can come to America with him. He can throw out the first ball at the World Series, for all I care.

In other news, is anyone else pissed off about gas prices?
I live in Texas. Low gas prices are a given, living in Texas.
Even cheapie gas is running about $1.47 a gallon. I imagine you Yankees are getting screwed even harder. Watch for $2 or more a gallon gas this summer, courtesy of Dubya, stirring up those Middle East hornets.

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