Monday, March 24, 2003

Six Feet Under

Uh oh, Brenda's coming back next week.
Lisa, your marriage will soon be over. Nate has Brenda's juju all over him and she'll win him back faster than Lisa can say, "I'm just like Ruth."
Oh, and Bettina was just the medicine Ruth needed. There's nothing like a gutsy old lesbian to perk up a stagnant but curious straight woman's life. Trust me on that.
Claire, before you shtup your art teacher, please consult the archives over at Kelly's 'Welcome to My Life' blog.
The opera funeral, with the tenor singing that gorgeous version of "Nessun Dorma" was a high point for all of us queers in the audience.
It's from the opera 'Turandot,' so all you straight folks just cutting your teeth on opera and wondering where that came from, get thee to a music store and buy a copy.
All in all, a great little episode tonight.
Brenda, hurry back. Nate is driving me crazy trying to do the right thing.

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