Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Making a Rat Squeak

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the John Belushi lookalike who's said to be the main planner of the 9/11 attacks and the murderer of WSJ reporter Daniel Perle is in custody, probably in Jordan, under the "care" of the CIA.
In a recent WSJ article saying what could and could not be done to him to make him reveal crucial information about Al Qaida, there's plenty of ways allowable to crack this nut.
They can deprive him of sleep. They can lie to him and scream at him. They can show him bogus documents. They can bring in mean, snarling dogs and rats and spiders and cucarachas.
They can pose as interrogators from countries that torture the hell out of prisoners. They can strip him and shave him. They can dress him in a pink gingham square dance dress if they want.
As long as the pain and suffering is (get this) "not severe" the interrogators are only limited by their imagination as to what they can do to this loser.
Let's just cut to the chase, shall we?
Buried in the article was this little gem:
"U.S. authorities have an additional inducement to make Mr. Mohammed talk, even if he shares the suicidal commitment of the Sept. 11 hijackers: The Americans have access to two of his elementary-school-age children, the top law-enforcement official says. The children were captured in a September raid that netted one of Mr. Mohammed's top comrades, Ramzi Binalshibh."

If this guy has any conscience, if he has any heart, if he is at all human, one glimpse of his little kids being poked or prodded should make him cave.
When we think of the innocent babies and little children who were killed on 9/11, we have to face that interrogators need to sweat this guy out for every scintilla of information he has so that no more babies are killed.
So I say yeah, trot out the little Mohammeds, threaten to give them the hot foot and let's make this creepy bastard start sweating bullets.

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