Monday, March 24, 2003

WASHINGTON (March 24) - Most Americans are resigned to a longer, bloodier war in Iraq than first expected but they are firmly behind President Bush, according to several opinion polls released on Monday.

Hawk pundits said it would be a quick war.
They believed the crap they heard from Dubya.
They are still believing the crap because they fail to remember the lies and they only like how it feels to be the Overdog in a war against a California-sized country.
Forget about the cost in American and innocent Iraqi lives.
Forget about the budget drain.
Forget about the returning veterans.
Forget about agreements we had with the UN.
Forget about an American launched Patriot missile shooting down a British airplane.
Forget about the American POW's and corpses being displayed on Iraqi TV.
Forget that Bush has turned international support post 9/11 into international hatred toward our nation.
It's a war we can win, so it's ALL good for this myopic crowd of lemmings in hawk suits.
Fucking jerks.

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