Friday, March 07, 2003

General Purpose Haiku

Dubya spoke last night
Pretended not to know yet
If we're attacking

I just wish one thing.
He'd pronounce it New-Klee-Er
Not New-Cue-Ler. Sheesh.

New diet fav'rite!
Soy beans are quite delicious
No gas shortage here!

Survivor heats up
Jesus freak got booted off
Praise the Lord, Amen!

Amazon is rough
Even Jeff Probst looks puny
Parasites inside?

Spring's come to Texas
Lawn is green and quite shaggy
Here comes a backache

Love Queen Latifah
Saw her act in "Chicago"
Bodacious bosom!

Went down one pantsize
So I bought some new khakis
I be's stylin' now.

As I get smaller
My cats getting much bigger
Butts like big canned hams

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