Friday, August 31, 2012

It's All Elephant Shit to Me

The thing about the GOP when George W. Bush was around is that they were at least amusing to watch. Now with Mitts "Outsource King" Romney, they're all just boring. Fox News will be dumping Sarah the Grifter Palin from their payroll soon, so her star is tarnished and bent, much like her whore daughter Brisket's reputation. Let's face it--even Fox News would rather see Obama win a second term because at least that gives them something to bitch about on their newscasts. Clint Eastwood was the best the GOP could come up with at their hurricane-plagued convention. His speech was like any 82-year-old's--rambling, vague and speaking to someone who wasn't in the room. The GOP had lied so often, everyone is bored with hearing the same lies again. If Mitt Romney is the best they have to put forward, they are sunk. Sure, they have Chris Christie waiting in the wings for 2016, that is if his strained heart can continue to carry about his 400+ pounds than much longer. I read all sorts of news bits about Mitts winning the election. How can that be, when even Fox News seems lukewarm about that phony bastard? Here's who will vote for Romney: one percenters, racists and imbeciles. It's all so very boring.