Sunday, October 31, 2004

Bush, you're an asshole.

There's one born every minute!

Barcodeking better get his $100 together, because he's gonna lose our bet.
What She Said.

Will Osama Help W.?
Published: October 31, 2004

WASHINGTON — Some people thought the October surprise would be the president producing Osama.
Instead, it was Osama producing yet another video taunting the president and lecturing America.
After bin Laden's pre-election commentary from his anchor desk at a secure, undisclosed location, many TV chatterers and Republicans postulated that the evildoer's campaign intrusion would help the president.
O.B.L., they said, might re-elect W.
They follow the Bush strategists' reasoning that since President Bush rates higher than John Kerry on fighting terror, anytime Americans get rattled about Iraq and Al Qaeda, it's a plus for the president. And Republicans can keep claiming that Al Qaeda wants the "weak" Democrat elected, even as some intelligence experts suggest the terrorists prefer that the belligerent Mr. Bush stay in power because he has been a boon to jihadist recruiting, with his disastrous occupation of Iraq and his true believer, us-versus-them, my-Christian-God's-directing-my-foreign-policy vibe.
The Bushies' campaign pitch follows their usual backward logic: Because we have failed to make you safe, you should re-elect us to make you safer. Because we haven't caught Osama in three years, you need us to catch Osama in the next four years. Because we didn't bother to secure explosives in Iraq, you can count on us to make sure those explosives aren't used against you.
You'd think that seeing Osama looking fit as a fiddle and ready for hate would spark anger at the Bush administration's cynical diversion of the war on Al Qaeda to the war on Saddam. It's absurd that we're mired in Iraq - an invasion the demented vice president praised on Friday for its "brilliance" - while the 9/11 mastermind nonchalantly pops up anytime he wants. For some, it seemed cartoonish, with Osama as Road Runner beeping by Wile E. Bush as Dick Cheney and Rummy run the Acme/Halliburton explosives company - now under F.B.I. investigation for its no-bid contracts on anvils, axle grease (guaranteed slippery) and dehydrated boulders (just add water) .
Osama slouched onto TV bragging about pulling off the 9/11 attacks just after the president strutted onto TV in New Hampshire with 9/11 families, bragging that Al Qaeda leaders know "we are on their trail."
Maybe bin Laden hasn't gotten the word. Maybe W. should get off the trail and get on Osama's tail.
W. was clinging to his inane mantra that if we fight the terrorists over there, we don't have to fight them here, even as bin Laden was back on TV threatening to come here. The president still avoided using Osama's name on Friday, part of the concerted effort to downgrade him and merge him with Iraqi insurgents.
The White House reaction to the disclosures about the vanished explosives in Iraq was typical. Though it's clear the treasures and terrors of Iraq - from viruses to ammunition to artifacts - were being looted and loaded into donkey carts and pickups because we had insufficient troops to secure the country, Bush officials devoted the vast resources of the government to trying to undermine the facts to protect the president.
The Pentagon mobilized to debunk the bunker story with a tortured press conference and a satellite photo of trucks that proved about as much as Colin Powell's prewar drawings of two trailers that were supposed to be mobile biological weapons labs.
Republicans insinuated that it was a plot by foreign internationalists to help the foreigner-loving, internationalist Kerry, a U.N. leak from the camp of Mohamed ElBaradei to hurt the administration that had scorned the U.N. as a weak sister.
In their ruthless determination to put Mr. Bush's political future ahead of our future safety, the White House and House Republicans last week thwarted the enactment of recommendations of the 9/11 commission they never wanted in the first place.
While pretending to be serious about getting a bill on reorganizing intelligence agencies before the election, the White House never forced Congressional Republicans to come to an agreement. So the advice from the panel that spent 19 months studying how the government could shore up intelligence so there wouldn't be another 9/11 may be squandered, even though Dick Cheney's favorite warning to scare voters away from Mr. Kerry is that we might someday face terrorists "in the middle of one of our cities with deadlier weapons than have ever before been used against us," including a nuclear bomb.
Wow. I feel safer. Don't you?

Friday, October 29, 2004

Four Newsy Bits

1. Bill O'Reilly suddenly settled the sexual harassment lawsuit lodged against him by his former producer, Andrea Mackris. When she initially made her allegations in the lawsuit, O'Reilly promptly countersued, citing extortion. He was quite bellicose in his denials.
I guess once he heard himself on tape talking like a pervert, he decided to swallow his foolish pride, drop his countersuit and pay up. He said he did it "to shield his loved ones."
I have heard of men naming their penises and balls before, but calling them "loved ones" is a new one on me.
2. When confronted with the news that hundreds of tons of explosives were missing from an ammo dump, Bush implied that they probably went missing before he directed American troops to invade Iraq.
The NY Times reports today a videotape shows a huge supply of explosives still at the Al Qaqaa munitions complex nine days after the fall of Baghdad.
Bush says under his leadership, we will be safer.
One pound of the same type of explosives can blow a huge commercial airliner to smithereens, as was the case with the airliner that exploded over Lockerbee, Scotland.
Commander in Chief Bush's troops lost track of 380 tons, enough to blow up every airliner in the world.
3. John Zogby, president of polling company Zogby International, said to The Daily Show's Jon Stewart last night that Kerry would be our next president, based on his company's latest polling results. He seemed as certain as I am, but he used his decades of polling expertise, as opposed to my political instincts as a journalist.
4. The Internal Revenue Service is planning to review the tax exempt status of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (N.A.A.C.P.) because its chairman Julian Bond made a speech in July that included statements critical of George W. Bush.
In an interview Thursday, Bond defended his remarks, saying they focused on policy, not politics.
"This is an attempt to silence the N.A.A.C.P. on the very eve of a presidential election," he said. "We are best known for registering and turning out large numbers of African-American voters. Clearly, someone in the I.R.S. doesn't want that to happen."
Bond, who has been chairman of the N.A.A.C.P. for six years, said he knew of no other time the I.R.S. had challenged the 95-year-old association's tax status on political grounds.
Now...why would Team Bush want to punish the N.A.A.C.P. after Bush has shown such warm regard for colored people?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Survivor and The Apprentice TONIGHT

So long, Lisa- you messed with Amazon Ami. That'll teach ya.
Tonight, I feel like the women will win both challenges.
The man voted out? Gotta be cute little John, leaving Lopevi finally free of attractive men.
If I am wrong about the women's tribe winning, then buh bye, Julie.

On the Apprentice, I don't care how much Trump likes little Andy, I think he's gonna screw up managing his project tonight and get the boot.

Your picks?

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

For God's Sake, Make it Stop!

I am so sick of trying to be civil to people voting for that fucking idiot Bush I could projectile vomit. Maybe I should stay in isolation until after the election, I dunno.
In my travels today, I ran into two friends, ordinarily nice people, who told me they voted for Bush.
I politely rolled my eyes, but what I want to start doing is carrying with me a wet, mildewed dish cloth, rolled into a medium tight rattail, so I can snap people like that right in the middle of the face with it.
I want to remove the few Bush Cheney yard signs I've seen and carry them up to their front doors and beat people in the head with the cardboard part, then stab them in the chest with the pointy wooden part.
I want to spray paint and key cars with Bush bumper stickers, and flatten the huge tires on Bush lovers' pickups. I want to take a loaded paintball gun into Walmart and open fire on the slobs in the Bush gimme caps and T-shirts.
I want to hire transvestites to invade Bush Cheney campaign headquarters and make scenes with the male volunteers, saying they promised to marry them.
I want to kidnap Ann Coulter, duct tape her to a lawnchair, toothpick her eyelids open and force her to watch nonstop Toby Keith videos while she eats nothing but corndogs, funnel cake and week-old freedom fries.

Thank God for November 2, when Bush gets thrown out and I can return to That Loving Place.
Meanwhile, I have two words for Bush supporters, and I'll say them in Bushenglish so they can understand:

Go Fuck Yourselfs.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The A to Z Talking Points Guide*:
Why Bush Does Not Deserve a Second Term

A: Attorney General John Ashcroft has held many press conferences announcing terrorist indictments, but none have come to justice. Also, he's a Pentecostal fanatic who thinks Calico cats are the embodiment of Satan.
B: Budget deficit. Bush squandered the surplus and ran us into record debt, yet the rich keep getting tax cuts.
C: Dick Cheney. He's still a Halliburton employee who sold out his country and his own lesbian daughter for money and votes.
D: Donald Rumsfeld. Abu Ghraib prison torture/spies in the Pentagon/no accountability/ill prepared troops in an unwinnable, undermanned war.
E: Environmental policies are the worst in this nation's history.
F: Foreign Policy: Bush's arrogance and unilateral policies have made our nation more unpopular throughout the world than any president in history.
G: Gasoline and other fuel prices are out of control. Even in Texas.
H: Halliburton. Ten billion in no bid, secret government contracts, seven million paid in fines for fraud against our government.
I: Iraq. No weapons of mass destruction, a nightmare of a war, rushed into without an exit strategy.
J: Judges. If Bush has his way, he'll stack the Supreme Court with more Scolias and Thomases. Good-bye civil rights, good-bye choice, good-bye minorities and gays.
K: Karl Rove. He's evil, he lies, he connives and he needs to be silenced.
L: Laura Bush. She's a chain smoking do-nothing who couldn't even raise two mature, sober twins. Her remarks on stem cell research were nothing short of ignorant- plus, she married Bush.
M: Military. None of the Bush administration have served, they don't know the perils of war and they are lying about initiating a draft to fight their personal war with Iraq.
N: No child left behind: underfunded and led by Sec. of Education Rod Paige, an imbecile who nearly ruined the Houston school system.
O: Osama Bin Laden. Where is he?
P: Patriot Act. Intrusive and insulting to our basic freedom and liberty as free Americans.
Q: Queers. Gays pay the same taxes as heterosexuals and should have the same rights. Period.
R: Retirement: We paid for Social Security benefits and we deserve to get them. Reduced RX drugs for elderly, RX drugs from Canada. Lies Bush told.
S: Saudi Arabia is our nation's enemy. The Bush family allows them more leeway than even trusted allies deserve, because the Saudis control the Bush family.
T: Tax cuts for the richest of the rich, plus Two-hundred billion dollars we don't have spent in Iraq.
U: Uniter not a divider. That was clearly a lie. Bush has created a chasm among Americans and in our relationships with other nations like no other leader in U.S. history.
V: Vietnam. Bush dodged the draft, using his father's influence, then he went AWOL in the reserves so he could attend grad school, which he entered with a C average.
W: Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. There were none. Period.
X: Xenophobia. It's ignorant, it's regressive, it's dangerous and it's wrong.
Y: Yucky Condoleezza Rice. She has no expertise in Middle Eastern affairs, and it shows. She has helped to spread partisan propaganda and lies. She is not respected globally because she's a partisan hack.
Z: Zero credibility about the draft. Experts say Bush will have to start drafting our young men and women to fight his war in Iraq. He said he won't, but he broke dozens of campaign promises in 2000, and he'll do it again.

Dear Readers: Please add to these as you see fit, there are far more than 26 reasons to oust this dangerous administration.

*Dedicated to Jax, with thanks for the inspiration.
Hip Hop Crowd Say Yo to Kerry

Yesterday, after I left the voting booth I approached two African American youth in the mall parking lot.
They looked like typical BET/MTV types, wearing baggy sports gear, with cell phones and bling bling and $200 sneakers.
I said, "Hey, you guys are gonna vote, right?"
They said, "Oh, hell yeah."
I said, "You're voting for Kerry, right?"
They said, "Absolutely, we aren't going to Iraq."

All these bullshit polls paid for by rich, white people haven't been polling the cell phone carrying youth of draft age.
And even then, the polls are still looking good for Kerry.
An Abundance of Reasons

I have been meaning to write the ultimate list of why Bush should be thrown out of office in disgrace, but it's gotten like trying to count the strands of pasta in a giant bowl of cappelini.
This latest scandal, where 380 tons of explosives under U.S. military control have gone missing in Iraq is horrible, to be sure, but when the Bush crowd tried to gloss it over by saying, "See? Saddam DID have weapons of mass destruction," that was a blatant, disgraceful lie.
The UN had been monitoring the cache of explosives until Bush's war. Once the undermanned Bush-led military took over, the ammo dump went unguarded and the shit went missing.

By invading Iraq, Bush lit the fuse on a powder keg in the Middle East.
By invading Iraq on the cheap, with too few soldiers and inadequate armor and equipment to properly wage war, Bush lit another fuse that needlessly put our troops in danger.

While it's been fun writing about Bush's limited intellect and frequent gaffes, this man is dangerous and has done immeasurable harm to our nation. He doesn't need four more years in the Oval Office, he needs 40 years in a square cell.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Mafia Soldiers Support Bush-Cheney
Two felonious New York wiseguys among GOP ticket's donors

OCTOBER 25--While the Mafia is not in the habit of endorsing presidential candidates, two Colombo family soldiers have spoken with their bulging wallets--and they want four more years for the Bush/Cheney ticket. The below Federal Election Commission records show that convicted felons John Staluppi and John Rosatti last year each gave the GOP candidates $2000 (the maximum individual donation). The FBI has identified Staluppi and Rosatti--multimillionaires who own auto dealerships in New York and Florida--as members of the Colombo gang...

From The Smoking Gun

Sunday, October 24, 2004

The First and Last Baseball Post I Will Ever Make

You all know, of course, if Boston wins it's an omen that John Kerry will win, too.
Yes, he will win, despite the voting irregularities that are already apparent in Texas for early voters (if you vote the straight Democratic ticket, the machines are said to "accidentally" switch to Bush/Cheney).
I plan to vote on Monday and I HOPE something fucks up so I can raise holy hell about it.

Watch your ballots, folks- those GOP crooks are trying to steal another election.
It's time for
The News in Haikus

Short on flu vaccine
Bush blames everyone but him
Don't give Dick his shot

The Washington Post
Endorsed John Kerry for pres
They too think Bush sucks

Feel that chilly air!
Could that be a draft we feel?
With Bush, bet your ass

Alert color codes
Meaningless Bush fear tactics
Wish he was code blue

Bush forgot someone
The nine-one-one mastermind
Where's Osama, Bush?

On 60 Minutes
Tonight will be Jon Stewart
Smarter than Fox News

Vote early, my friends
Bush needs a head start stealing
The Nov. election

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Survivor Tonight!

My bets for the boots:
Yaser: Eliza, who is obnoxious and may be afraid of little piglets
Lopevi: Julie, who is rumored to removed her clothes to sunbathe in front of the horny man tribe

Apprentice Tonight!
My wish for the next fired:
Female: Ivana, the icky
Male: Wes, the sad-faced loser

Enter your guesses!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Bush Receives Endorsement From Iran

By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer
TEHRAN, Iran - The head of Iran's security council said Tuesday that the re-election of President Bush was in Tehran's best interests, despite the administration's axis of evil label, accusations that Iran harbors al-Qaida terrorists and threats of sanctions over the country's nuclear ambitions..."

Well, if IRAN says he's good, then...

Friday, October 15, 2004

Lynn Cheney, Just Shut the Fuck up.

Oh, brother.
Lynn Cheney got up in arms because John Kerry used their lesbian daughter Mary in his debate reply to a specific question the moderator asked about homosexuality.
As an example of gayness not being a choice people make, Kerry said, "We're all God's children, and I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she's being who she was. She's being who she was born as. I think if you talk to anybody, it's not a choice."
Dick Cheney ignored the context and said Kerry's remark proves, "he'll do and say anything it takes to get elected."
Lynn said of Kerry, "This is not a good man. What a cheap and tawdry political trick."
No, Lynne.
If it was Kerry who had the dyke daughter instead of Cheney, the GOP would be exploiting it as an example of "the rampant, immoral perversion" running in Kerry's immediate family.
I can just hear it: "Elect John Kerry and his lesbian daughter will be spending weekends in the White House, using a dildo to simulate heterosexual intercourse with her lesbian lover in the Lincoln bedroom."
The Bush crowd started the gay hate debate with that ridiculous plan to amend the constitution to specifically ban gay marriage.
They brought it up knowing Cheney's kid was gay, so they should have expected her orientation to become part of the topic, especially since she works for the damn Bush Cheney reelection campaign.
Even if Kerry did specifically mention Mary Cheney just to remind Bush's Bible thumping fans what hypocrites their candidates are, so what? If the truth hurts, just do what the Bush GOP's always do: deny, blame, name-call and smear.
Lynn Cheney is as phony as the rest of those bastards.
It was okay for her to pander to voyeuristic readers by titillating them with soft core lesbian porn in the novelette she published years ago.
It was okay for the White House to ban a second edition being published to spare the truth from the fundamentalists lemmings who think their candidates are Such Model Christians.
It is okay for the Bush Cheney campaign to pay Mary Cheney more than $100,000 a year, even though at least some the funds for her salary came from the Bible thumpers' contributions.

But it was not okay for Kerry to mention her name in a most tolerant manner when the debate topic turned to homosexuality? Give me a break.


<span style="font-weight:bold;">Recaps: Survivor and the Apprentice</span>

Whew, I was glad to see the tribes go coed.
Too much estrogen and testosterone in one place is like eating sugar lumps with honey- it gets a mite too intense.
During the reward challenge, did anyone besides me check out Ami in her lavender bikini? She has the sexiest belly I've ever seen on that show. If she wasn't already my favorite, that would have done it for me. And Leann is no slouch herself. What an expressive face she's got. But Ami wins because of "The Ellen Factor," a special rating code we lesbians developed during one of our secret, homosexual agenda conventions.
Well. Bubba got the boot.
Between his accent being straight out of central casting for "Deliverance," his receding, red hair that looks suspiciously like pubes, and that monstrously hideous orange T-shirt with smarmy Bob Barker's face on it, I was getting a facial tic watching him. Add in those red, saggy shorts with the skid marks in back, and you have a breeding ground for viewers wanting to poke out their own eyes with a sharp stick.
Between Bubba and Rory, the Yaser women really got the stems and seeds of the men's team.
I loved how Amy didn't want to share all their housekeeping tips with the boys-- such a good lesbian, wanting to keep her firm, shapely coconuts away from the menfolk. 
And I really loved how pissed she got when she saw that stoop Bubba making hand signals and stage whispering, "merge" to his dorky pal Chris, who remained with the other team.
When the tribes switched members, old Twila sure came alive around Sarge and those other butch guys. I thought I glimpsed some sexual energy in her eyes while she was talking to Sarge. Then I remembered, she wants to BE one of them, not be WITH one of them.
Anyway, the show is finally picking up some steam now that the cast has fewer names and faces to remember. And with Bubba gone, my nightmares will stop about seeing that T-shirt further decaying over the weeks to come.

The Apprentice:
I think you might have to be gay to really appreciate the delicious irony of putting a clump of straight guys into a project involving fashion design, merchandising and marketing.
When they were picking out fabrics, I thought I was going to wet my pants laughing.
I mean, I'm not exactly haute couture, but I do know that plaid, Herculon sofa upholstery fabric in shades of brown is not suited for women's fashion wear, especially when paired with pastel, floral patterned voile in shades of mauve and lavender.
Still, I'd rather have been on their team than the women's team. All that girly girl sashaying around, trying on stuff and saying 'fabulous' too much would have made me nervous.
I would have begged for the task of doing the swatch books, off in a corner and away from all the High Fashion Barbie action.
And what's with Raj, chatting up the models as if he stood a chance?
Do lines like his actually work on anyone? If I were straight and a guy with a bow tie started schmoozing me up, I'd ask him if his tie was from the Orville Redenbacher menswear collection.
Tip: Chances are, if a man's fashion gimmick is shared only by right-wing meat puppet Tucker Carlson, it's not gonna get him laid any faster than a Billy Ray Cyrus mullet would.
I forget the guy's name who got fired, because I was too fixated on the poopy diaper face that blond guy Wes was making after they lost. He's annoying now that I saw how pissy he looked after losing the challenge.
Though the polls want Ivana fired next, I think Elizabeth should go. She's one of those women that make people say women are hard to work with.
Wait. ALL the women are that way on the show this season!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Survivor Tonight!

I think all this pre-election hubbub may have dulled my Survivor jones. Or maybe the castaways just aren't that interesting to watch this time.
There's no Rupert, no Colby, no Jerri, no Sandra Diaz-Twine and no Richard Hatch to root for
and/or hate this time. They all seem sort of interchangeably bland.
That guy they voted off last week, Brady the FBI agent, was very pretty, wasn't he?
Oh well, I get enough excitement from watching the country slowly catching on to what we liberal Texans have known for ages: Bush 43 is a lying con artist.
Anyway, tonight's Survivor episode is supposed to feature an earthquake, though I am sure it was more of a tremor.
My predictions for the next to be thrown off the island are based entirely on how much they annoy me.
For the girls, Eliza or Julie. I'd like to buy them for what they're worth and sell them for what they think they're worth.
The boys: Rory is the biggest titty baby, but he's no threat, so I think Chris or Travis might be next because, unlike Brady, they are both hard on the eyes. Whichever one wears that bufugly orange Bob Barker T-shirt is the one I hope they throw off next. I can't stand looking at that rag much longer. It makes Rupert's tie dyed wife beater look like haute couture.
Your picks?
More Neo-con Christian Family Values?

Seems like the more the right-wing harps about how morally superior they are, the more we discover what hypocrites they are. Check it out:
Bill O'Reilly hit with sexual harassment lawsuit

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Debate #3 Tonight
Game, Set, Match

I find it no coincidence that my friend and political nemesis Barcodie wrote me this morning to request a moratorium on our daily, vitriol-filled political e-mail swap until after the election.
If I were a Bush fan, I'd be sweating out tonight's debate, too, and I sure as hell wouldn't want the likes of me sending tons of e-mail howlers about Kerry's KO punch expected against Bush's abysmal domestic performance.
I agreed to put my side of our mutual bitch slapping correspondence on hold. After all, it's no fun once I have the trout up on the pier, with his fins and gills ripped off.

With a podium debate about domestic issues tonight, Kerry prepared for the event by taking a leisurely bike ride, while Bush must be busy getting his "hidden" Karl Rovian transceiver glued to his back, practicing his phrase o' the week, "He can run but he can't hide," and writing, "wrongwar wrongtime wrongplace" and "mixed messages" on his wrists with a fine point Sharpie.

Bush is said to have studied the tapes from Debate #1 to improve his goofy yet grumpy affect and his burnt-out, alkie mannerisms.
But you can't teach smart to a dumbass and you can't stop the twitches on a guy whose alcohol and substance abuse in his callow youth caused some obvious neurological damage.

Right now, I imagine he's frantically leafing through the Federal Agency Directory, so he can find someone to blame for the flu shot shortage.

I think the Latin have a term for the situation Bush will find himself in tonight when he attempts to laud his non-existent domestic accomplishments:

Tu est fucked!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Sinclair Broadcasting: Protecting GOP Family Values By Airing Anti Kerry film

Gee, the CEO of Sinclair must be a very respectable man to be such a beacon of truth for the Bush Regime...
BUT WAIT! What's this?

Broadcasting official charged in sex stakeout
Sinclair president, woman arrested in company car

Published on: August 15, 1996
Edition: FINAL
Section: NEWS
Page: 2B
Byline: SUN STAFFPeter Hermann

The president of Baltimore-based Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., which owns the local Fox television affiliate, was arrested Tuesday night and charged with committing a perverted sex act in a company-owned Mercedes, city police said.

David Deniston Smith, 45, of the 800 block of Hillstead Drive in Timonium, who also is Sinclair's chief executive, was arrested in an undercover sting at Read and St. Paul streets, a downtown corner frequented by prostitutes, Baltimore police said yesterday.

Smith and Mary DiPaulo, 31, were charged with committing unnatural and perverted sex act. Smith was held overnight at the Central Booking and Intake Center and released on personal recognizance at 2 p.m. yesterday. DiPaulo's bail status was not available.

Officials at WBFF-TV (Fox 45) and Sinclair, one of the fastest-growing broadcasting companies in the nation with 28 television and 34 radio stations, would not comment yesterday. The company had $126 million in sales in the first half of this year.

Police said undercover Officer Gary Bowman, on a prostitution detail, was talking to DiPaulo about 9: 15 p.m. in a car at St. Paul and Read streets. She left the undercover car after telling Bowman that ``she had just seen her regular date driving in the area,'' according to court documents.

Police said DiPaulo ran across the street to a 1992 Mercedes, registered to Sinclair, and got in on the passenger side. Police followed the car onto the Jones Falls Expressway, where they said they witnessed the two engage in oral sex while Smith drove north.

Police said they followed the car back to Read and St. Paul streets, where they arrested Smith and DiPaulo, who lives in the 700 block of Washington Blvd.

Kerry Media Endorsements Start to Pile Up

Here are some of the newspapers who have endorsed John Kerry.
To read the complete endorsement editorials, click here.

The Oregonian (Portland, Ore.)
October 10, 2004 - When George W. Bush took office in a deeply divided nation, he promised to reach out to unite the country. If anything, he has helped make the rifts deeper. That may be his real failure as president. John Kerry can do better.
The Philadelphia Inquirer
October 10, 2004 - The choice is vivid. The stakes are vast. Our nation is threatened by jihad warriors who scoff at boundaries. It stumbles toward a fiscal ruin that will punish our children. The rules that protect our air, water and health are weaker than we know. When 45 million of our neighbors fall ill, they have no insurance card to hand to the doctor.
Portland Press Herald (Portland, Me.)
October 10, 2004 - Bush and Kerry offer decidedly different visions for the country. It is on this basis that the candidates are best judged, and it is because we believe Kerry has, on the whole, the better plan for America that we endorse him for President of the United States.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
October 10, 2004 - America needs a leader who sees the world as it is, who knows how to rebuild international alliances, who focuses on threats to homeland security, who runs the government for the benefit of all Americans. By virtue of his knowledge of world affairs, his life story of national service and his moderate values, John Kerry is that leader.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
October 10, 2004 - John Kerry should be the next president of the United States. This endorsement is based not only on President Bush's failings -- which are manifest -- but also on the conclusion that Kerry can succeed where Bush has failed.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
October 9, 2004 - There's an unusual urgency to the electoral process this year, reflected in higher attendance at campaign rallies, record viewership of presidential debates and soaring voter registration, not to mention an increase in heated debates over the dinner table. Americans across the political spectrum recognize that the next four years will be a difficult time in our nation's history, and that the leadership we choose will set our course for many years to come.
Detroit Free Press
October 4, 2004 - Four years ago, George W. Bush promised America he was "a uniter, not a divider." Today, the nation is more divided in more ways than it has been since the turbulent 1960s. The president has failed, or refused, to pursue consensus on America's problems and instigated solutions that have produced results ranging from mixed to disastrous.
Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, Ariz.)
October 3, 2004 - Four years ago, George W. Bush became president of a thriving America. Not only had his predecessor eliminated the national deficit, he had left the new president a $236 billion budget surplus. Unemployment was at a record low of 4 percent. The nation was not at war. The current president's policies have had a negative impact on each of these areas. We believe John Kerry can reverse that trend, and we endorse him for president.
The Lone Star Iconoclast (Crawford, Texas)
September 28, 2004 - Kerry has a positive vision for America, plus the proven intelligence, good sense, and guts to make it happen. That’s why The Iconoclast urges Texans not to rate the candidate by his hometown or even his political party, but instead by where he intends to take the country. The Iconoclast wholeheartedly endorses John Kerry.
The Day (New London, Conn.)
September 26, 2004 - The Day has broken with tradition by endorsing John Kerry for president early in this election season. The newspaper does so because it believes this is a critical election requiring fresh, new leadership. The newspaper also believes George W. Bush's administration is flawed beyond repair in a second term.
Seattle Times
August 27, 2004 - Four years ago, this page endorsed George W. Bush for president. We cannot do so again — because of an ill-conceived war and its aftermath, undisciplined spending, a shrinkage of constitutional rights and an intrusive social agenda.
Philadelphia Daily News
June 16, 2004 - Last week, the nation looked to the past with the death of President Ronald Reagan. This week, the presidential campaigns of George W. Bush and John F. Kerry, suspended out of respect to the deceased 40th president, start fresh. In that spirit, this newspaper, the first in the nation, endorses John Kerry for president.

Gas Prices

While we are assembling ammo (aka "talking points") to use on all the undecided voters we know, let us not forget the gouging going on at the gas pumps.
It's pretty obvious the Bush family's coziness with the Saudi Arabian royal family and soaring, ceilingless gas prices have a direct correlation.
Can you imagine what we'd be paying at the end of another four years with Bush as an unaccountable lame duck?
Each and every time I gas up, I remind whomever is nearby that gas prices have skyrocketed under Bush's watch, and they'll only go higher.
An undecided voter might make the right decision after handing over two 20's to the Exxon cashier. It's our job to remind the undecideds just one more reason why choosing Bush will hurt their bottom line.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

First Discovered on AmericaBlog:


A conservative group that owns TV outlets that reach into nearly a quarter of the nation's homes is FORCING its local stations to PREEMPT ITS REGULAR PRIME-TIME COVERAGE, just days before the election, to air a film attacking Kerry's military record.

Read all about it in the Los Angeles Times, at,1,4817545.story?coll=la-home-headlines. The conservative group is the same one that refused to air Nightline's homage to our fallen troops.

Read the article, then contact the bozos at Sinclair and their affiliates and blast them with both barrels. Threaten to boycott sponsors, tell them off, say whatever you want as long as they get that we are mad as hell and not gonna take this kind of partisan pandering.

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.
Contact Info: 10706 Beaver Dam Road Hunt Valley, MD 21030;
Telephone: (410) 568-1500 / Fax: (410) 568-1533 /
The CEO's name is David D. Smith.
Sinclair CEO:
VP of Programming and Promotions:

Which drug is Bush on?

A Family Debate

My brother, sister and I are having a debate and I want others to offer their input.
My brother thinks Bush is snorting methamphetamine before each debate, while my sister and I believe it's cocaine he's snorting.
Which drug do you think is making him act like a classic, broken down tweaker, and why?

Friday, October 08, 2004

Friday Night at the Fights

Looks like tonight promises to be an even better debate between Sen. John Kerry and Georgie the First Chimp.
I have gotten several e-mails with the photo of Bush at the podium during the last debate, taken from behind. Clearly, in the middle of his back bulging under his suit jacket is a telltale rectangle that looks like some sort of transmitter.
That would explain his "I'm not finished" snipe, while he was still speaking under a green light and nobody was rushing him. He must have been talking to Karl Rove, his handler.
If he cheated and that was still the best he could do, is it any wonder people think he's an imbecile?
Debate #1 covered Bush's strong area. He fucked up royally and we all know it.
I imagine tonight, debating his weaker areas will really rattle the stupid bastard.
Meanwhile, my family has sadly discovered my eldest nephew from Dallas is a Bush supporter. We exchanged a few heated e-mails this week, but he's obviously been gotten to by the Pod People.
I come from a long line of Yellow Dog Democrats, and for this little pisher to be not only supporting Bush but being cocky about it...well, I refrained from using the "go fuck yourself" phrase, but methinks his Aunt Santa will be crapping down his chimney this year.
I can't believe I gave him my old sports car when he was a teenager.
Y'all come back after the debate and air your views.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


By now, 60 million people have viewed the JibJab animated parody of Woody Guthrie's "This Land."
The guys who produced it are going to debut another one tonight on Jay Leno's show. I'll post a link to it in the comments box once it comes out.
Survivor Tonight!

Last week, we all know George Bush got booted off-ooops wait- different show.
Anyway, in a rare, dual boot-off, Mia and John P got voted off.
Mia was booted off because she deserved to be. John P got it because he was a threat to the boys. Too bad, I loved his Marty Feldman wandering eye.
Leann joined the older women in voting off Mia, whose fight with Twila was pretty ballsy, considering Twila built the camp almost single-handedly while Mia practiced the valuable Survivor skills of tanning, swimming, eyerolling and sighing.
Turns out Twila is more butch than both the dykes on board. Scout is kinda frail and Ami is- okay I'll admit it, she's hot.
For the Yaser tribe, I see bowheads Eliza and Julie on the thinnest ice.
For the Lopevi tribe, Rory's got to go.
Your picks?

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Interactive Blog: Fill in the Blanks

I love getting comments. Some of the best Blog entries are based on the comments, not the content of the entry itself.
With that in mind, please cut, paste and fill in the blanks:

1. Bush is to politics what _____ is to ______.
2. If I could, I'd _____ Bush _________.
3. Cheney was ________ in last night's debate.
4. Edwards may be cute, but Cheney is _______.
5. Karl Rove needs_______________________.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Vice Presidential Debate

Tonight from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. central, America will get to watch charismatic, somewhat adorable Senator John Edwards square off against Vice Resident Dick "Go Fuck Yourself" Cheney.
With so many news channels vying for your viewing time, do yourself a favor and catch the debate on C-Span.
C-Span offers an unmoderated vantage point, so you can skip the frantic punditry and draw your own conclusions.
For the debate between Bush and Senator Kerry, they offered split screen viewing as well, though I'm not sure the VP debate format will require that feature.
This could be the only substantive debate of the election.
While Dick "GFY" Cheney is by no means a charmer, he does possess twice the intellect of Bush, so we will be spared the national embarrassment of the long, clueless pauses, the deer in the headlights stare and the immature twitchiness, impatience and bluster of his so-called boss.
On the other hand, Senator Edwards will be reminding Cheney and the nation of Cheney's continuing paycheck from Halliburton, and the $10 billion+ Halliburton has made off the Iraq war in sealed, no bid contracts. Cheney also cashed in $20 million in stock when he left the helm of Halliburton to become VP.
As a wildly successful litigator before he became a U.S. Senator, Edwards is expected to use his skills to spar and jab at the older heart patient.
Cheney, on the other hand, is not afraid to take the gloves off, a skill he may need to retrieve tiny nitroglycerine pills once his heart starts acting up over the pressure of Edwards' full frontal assault.
In anticipation of the next two debates between Senator Kerry and the chimp-like Bush, I expect the neo-con pandering media to give the edge to Cheney.
After the debate, be sure to log on and vote in the instant polls, and start the momentum for a fair and balanced assessment of the debate.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Fox Publishes Homophobic Lies from Their Chief Bush Correspondent and it's all a Big Joke

Where is the outrage?

Please Indulge This Texan Blogger a Bit

I know most people who read this Blog don't come from Texas, so they have no way of knowing some of the illegal, dastardly tricks the GOP have pulled in this state.
They might not even care what goes on in Texas.
Basically, DeLay and his cronies carved up congressional districts so that the GOP would get the edge. The districting map looks like a maniac designed it, with some districts as long and skinny as a snake, so's to include enough GOP voters to cinch victories.
But with Texas Republican Tom DeLay having so much power in the Congress, y'all need to know what a snake he is, because this is just the beginning of what will come out on him.
DeLay makes Newt Gingrich look like a saint.

Why Honest Texans hate Tom DeLay.

Congress Moves to Protect Federal Whistleblowers

NY Times
WASHINGTON, Oct. 2 - Over strenuous objections from the Bush administration, Congress is moving to increase protections for federal employees who expose fraud, waste and wrongdoing inside the government.
Lawmakers of both parties say the measures are needed to prevent retaliation against such whistleblowers, who reveal threats to public health, safety and security.
But the administration says the bill unconstitutionally interferes with the president's ability to control and manage the government..."

Huh? Strenuous objections?
See? This is one more reason to get rid of Bush.
Fraud, waste and wrongdoing cost the taxpayers money. Strenuously objecting to increased protection for those who expose those things is just plain wrong.
Everyone can see that, can't they?

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Once Kerry Wins and Bush Loses- Then What?

I have been pondering what will become of this Blog and others like it that have concentrated for the last few years on getting the word out and doing what we can to oust Bush, once he's defeated.
It will be like cold turkey to go from this oppressive regime to honest and respectable leadership. So, what will we do once Bush is out on his ass?
To me, there are some easy choices.
• Fox News has spent the last four years trying to make Bush into someone better than he is and trying to make Kerry into someone who is dishonest, evil and incompetent.
They have politicized the media and bushwhacked millions of naive lemmings into believing the lies that owner Rupert Murdoch wants them to tell, to further his agenda of global media domination.
Fox News has to go.
Advertisers who support them will have to learn what boycotting can do to their bottom line.

• Hate mongering, crooked legislators have to go. People like Tom DeLay (R TX) and Jeb Bush (R FL) are criminals, liars and thieves. They have to be removed and if possible, prosecuted.

• Laws that discriminate against homosexuals have to go. If we pay an equal share of taxes, we deserve equal rights. It's as simple as that.

So, once Bush is ousted-- and he will be, we liberal Bloggers will still have a lot of work to do-- and we will.
Here Comes the Rain Again

How nice to awaken to beautiful, dark skies and a yard watered for free. I had no outdoor plans today, so this heavy rain is most welcome.
After a day to absorb all the post debate coverage, it's official: Bush was handed his ass by John Kerry.
Now I can admit I was pretty much an "anyone but Bush" voter, but after seeing Kerry so eloquent and poised during the debate, I have really developed a fondness for him.
Knowing America will need a ton of diplomacy to clean up the global wreckage of Bush's arrogant, unilateral policies, I can see Kerry accomplishing that.
Though for whatever reason the neo-cons have made the French out to be a bunch of sissified faggots who need a good ass kicking, they have been valued allies for a long time and some fence mending will be essential.
Kerry speaks fluent French- which will wow them from the start.
I still fail to see how speaking French, or any foreign language besides Spanish, could be considered a liability by the neo-cons.
Their love for the "average guy" as a president seems extremely stupid to me.
This is America, we need an exceptional person to be our president, not someone we know we are smarter than.
You think these big corporate giants who support Bush would hire him to run their companies?
Oh, hell no. They like him because he's stupid. They know that he'll do what he's told if they just give him money.
Forget candidates showing us their income tax returns- we all know they have to be rich to run for president. I say, show us your IQ scores!
Did anyone notice that, when he's standing up tall, Kerry looks like Lincoln?
And did anyone notice, when he's getting irritated and impatient, Bush really does look like an annoyed monkey? Don't take my word for it- see for yourself.

Friday, October 01, 2004

More on the First Debate

Holy cow- the Internet is crackling with polls and opinion pieces that clearly give Kerry a decisive win. Even conservative neo-con Bloggers have given Kerry his props and lambasted Bush for failing to get the debate job done.
Go here to read what they said
Of course, my political nemesis Barcodie cannot stipulate that Kerry clearly won and Bush clearly lost. He cannot be swayed by reality. Like Bush, he makes up his mind and preserves the moment with rebar and quick setting cement.

Kerry showed he is capable of brevity and he maintained his composure throughout. His demeanor was absolutely presidential and his thoughts were expressed with clear, unwavering language.
He firmly but politely refuted Bush's oft-repeated insistence that Kerry has been indecisive about Iraq. His explanation on his Iraq position was clear and it made sense.
Bush failed to register Kerry's explanation, and continued to repeat the same charge, far too many times.
That reflected more on Bush than Kerry-the audience could understand Kerry's explanation but Bush simply could not absorb it. He seems to have problems listening.

Even Fox News admitted that Bush sounded like he used up all his material in the first half and spent the second half repeating the same phrases, verbatim.
That indicates a mindset by rote. He seems incapable of spontaneous moments of increased awareness that lead to an adjusted, more enlightened thought process.

Clearly, Bush thinks Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden are two heads on the same snake.
That the 9/11 attacks were masterminded by a single-headed snake called Bin Laden is a fact that has escaped Bush's awareness.
Bush said, to justify the war in Iraq, "We were attacked."
Kerry set him straight: "Not by Iraq."
Bush stared straight ahead: a classic deer in the headlights expression.

Several times, Bush's facial expression displayed the identical, dazed confusion we saw in the 7 minutes after he was told of the 9/11 attacks. All he needed was a copy of "My Pet Goat" in his hands and it would have been déjà vu.
Other times while Kerry had the floor, thanks to C-Span's split screen telecast, Bush would scowl, roll his eyes, shrug, sneer or frantically shuffle his notes. Mostly he gulped water. While Kerry took a few sips in the 90 minutes debate, Bush drained two large glasses.
When someone is that thirsty, something is wrong.

I now open the comments to free debate. Please share your impressions and favorite moments.