Tuesday, April 23, 2013


One Reason I Haven't Posted Much This Year Yep. Just the thought of Senator Ted Cruz(R-TX)makes me feel like comedian Lewis Black just before his head explodes. America, as a Texan please accept my apologies for living in the same state as George Bush, Rick Perry, Karl Rove and now this colossal prick. Hard to believe Texas could produce a new politician who's even more dangerous and obnoxious as the afore mentioned list, but we have done it. He's Sen. Joseph McCarthy meets-Roscoe Sweeney-meets an anteater, only more paranoid, arrogant and shadier than all three. He's dangerous, folks. I hear his colleagues in the Senate are horrified at his bombastic approach and his scene stealing demands for attention. As a freshman senator, he should shut up and learn the ropes, but no... If you're like me and like to keep your eye on emerging political scumbags, I highly recommend Cruz.