Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Karen Zipdrive Blogatorial:
Have a Holly, Jolly Bag of Neo-con Bullshit

Pinheads like Bill O'Reilly and John Gibson over at FUX NEWS are trying to make a big deal out of allegations that we liberals take umbrage with Christmas celebrations, preferring to refer to them instead as, "holiday celebrations."
Just like the gay marriage issue, these neo-con artists have come up with a new, nonsensical "crisis" issue designed to deflect the heat off the war and the criminals in the White House who lied to get us into it.

I am a bleeding heart liberal who has no trouble with what people call their holidays or how they celebrate them, as long as they don't shit on my lawn.
I know of no one who thinks the word Christmas is inflammatory or politically incorrect. In fact, I think it's very disrespectful to REAL Christians to use this topic as a political football.

Most liberals are tolerant of everything but intolerance.

If O'Reilly or Gibson had any integrity at all, they'd stop wasting air time on these silly, fabricated scams. This phony PC Christmas scandal is weak even for these foaming mouthed idiots.

O'Reilly jumped the shark when news of his bought-off sexual harassment lawsuit coincided with the release of his children's book.
And the eternally inconsequential John Gibson is making a fool of himself for 15 minutes of lukewarm fame.

May both their Christmas trees be highly flammable, and may their Christmas Open Houses include lots of clumsy, drunk smokers.
Fuckin' jerks.


Unknown said...

Personally I think it was just a slow news day and those two fucknuts had nothing better to ramble about..

Billy O is about as entertaining as shaving my armpit hair.

Gibbon..I mean Gibson has the IQ of a cold latte.

jesus I smoke..dont send me over there..please..I beg you..I would rather shave my eyebrows..

larkohio said...

We have so many things we need to be concerned about that this is really a non-issue. I am a Christian who thinks that Christmas is way over hyped. You can tell me Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, and I will thank you for your good wishes. I will extend the same to you, but if I do not know your religion, I will probably tell you to have a good holiday. To my thinking, this is only polite.

I think they get on these bandwagons, O'Rielly and Gibson simply to get attention and talk real loud about how victimized they are. Pompous, hypocritical windbags!

Kate said...

Hey, even from my point of spiritual reference, it will always be Christmas to me.

Of course, that means more of a Santa-induced holiday bordering on stupid from all the sugar, but whatever. It's all good.

I am getting tired of hearing this crap every Christmas though. They are shit-stirrers, the kind you used to want to reach around behind and slap the shit out of, sitting behind you in class because they could never shut the fuck up. Their mouths are meant for gossip and drama, that's all. What a waste.

They get no candy.

The Educated Eclectic said...

Give 'em coal and sticks in their stockin's

nobody's fool said...

Locally, the news is trying to stir up crap due to our Orlando City Christmas Tree being called a "Holiday Tree". Rather than focusing on the fact that this was the first tree to be lit at city hall, they focused on the name of it, as if anyone gave a shit. I called the news station and told them to go find a real story.

nobody's fool said...

Besides, if you think Jesus ever saw a Pine tree, let alone a Christmas tree while he was breathing here on earth, you're a real fundie fruitcake.

larkohio said...

Well said, Chari. I often feel sorry for Jesus, for all the weirdness and hate done in his name. Jesus was called the Prince of Peace, and I believe he would be appalled by some of the crap that goes on.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Jesus has already hired Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to start smiting some of these sons of bitches.
God may have created the world in six days, but punishing every bad apple in the GOP is gonna take a bit longer. said...

O'Reilly and Gibson and the rest of their ilk who thought up this crap are probably overcompensating for something...but, to their credit, the media bought it hook line and sinker...just like "Cyber Monday." said...

by the by...what these people seem to be forgetting is...the Christmas Tree...that holy holy symbol of the season (we all know Jesus was born in July...)...was actually the symbol of a pagan festival, established a few hundred years before the Original Hippie was born...

am i correct in this???

I was always under the assumption that Jesus' birth was the Reason for the Season...or it always has been in the past. Frankly (and i consider myself a fairly well informed guy...) this is the first i've heard about this crapola...

Karen Zipdrive said...

It's the first a lot of people have heard about it because it's been a Fox News manufactured bullshit diversion so they could discredit the liberals for something they didn't even start and take the heat off these criminal anti-Christs in the White House.
It's like the gay marriage issue. I am gay and surrounded by activist gays (my sister's mother in law co-founded the Human Rights Campaign) and the subject of gay marriage was not active in the straight or gay community before Karl Rove made it an issue.
These stupid fucking neo-cons and their lemming enablers will continue to fuck this nation and lie their asses off until enough mainstream Americans say "Enough of this bullshit."
Fox News thinks this new holiday tree horseshit issue is more important than thousands of our troops being blown up, record deficits, sanctioned torture, secret CIA prisons, indicted and pre-indicted treasonous fuckwads in the White House, and a drunken imbecile running things.
Rupert Murdoch is the most evil foreign infiltrator in American History. His Fox News is pure, unadulterated shit.

Lulu Maude said...

There was a great column in the NYT this weekend by John Tierney, of all people. Apparently the Puritans loathed Christmas and enforced a ban on its observation.